Fighting to stay in one of the stories.

Transformers: Devastation #6


IDW Publishing (February, 2008)

WRITER: Simon Furman



COLORIST: Josh Burcham

LETTERER: Chris Mowry

EDITOR: Andrew Steven Harris

Hunter finally unlocks his Headmaster ability to connect with Sunstreaker just as the Decepticon behind the Machination is revealed to be a damaged Scorponok, using one of the humans as his new head. Hardhead comes to collect Ironhide, Wheeljack, and Hot Rod and rescues Hot Rod from the other Headmasters. Hot Rod decides to stay and investigate the Headmasters while Hardhead collects the others and Nightbeat finds evidence that his memories were tampered with. The Decepticons fight against the Reapers, claiming Earth for themselves, but are outmatched until Galvatron (who appears to have destroyed Sixshot off-panel if I follow the art) intervenes by corrupting Deathbringer into destroying his own. But now Earth is fully aware of the Transformers, and with the Autobots leaving because of events on Garrus-9 (not that they’d accept their help in the first place) the only hope we have is Skywatch and their brainwashed Transformers. Meanwhile, Galvatron’s teammates question his dedication to their cause.

What they got right: There’s some good action here.

What they got wrong: But with so many stories going on that’s all you have. There are easily five good storylines ruined by being shoved together like this and that’s disappointing.

Recommendation: Don’t go into this expecting a good story but it is interesting to see everything set up. I just wish the execution was better.

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