Masters of the Universe: The Super Adventure

Masters of the Universe: The Super Adventure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone knows about the three He-Man cartoons that aired on TV but what about the home video exclusives? During the original Masters Of The Universe toyline it wasn’t just the minicomics. DC/Star Comics, newspaper comics, and Filmation series that told the legend of Eternia. Storybooks by various publishers worldwide also put out a series of adventures, and there were numerous audiobooks, each with their own take on the continuity. So there’s pretty much a He-Man multiverse that most of you are unaware of.

Tonight we look at two of those. Golden Books put together a series of videos for their “Golden Book Videos” with the level of animation used in the old The Marvel Superheroes cartoon, only instead of using comic panels they used art and stories from their books. The voice acting is surprisingly decent to good, with earlier tales closer to the toys but shifting to something a bit closer to the TV show. As a bonus we’ll also be looking at an audiobook that uses the Filmation voice actors (including a regular actor as the narrator) but isn’t set in the Filmation continuity. This should be interesting.

The Golden Books Videos combined their adaptations into one or two episodes. This first one used two episodes made out of four stories. It’s like two episodes of Masters Of The Universe you’ve never seen before. Enjoy.

Like I said, the voice acting is surprisingly good give what this is. I especially like Skeletor’s actor. A second video that I know of was made turning three stories (one written by R.L. Stein of Goosebumps fame believe it or not–unless it’s a major coincidence) into one episode. Maybe I’ll show that someday. One thing I noticed is that some images came from different books to pad out the story, which led to different artists showing up in the same story. You may have noticed Battlecat looked different from image to image for example.

And now for the audiobook I promised. The Power Of The Evil Horde uses the Filmation actors but it isn’t set in Filmation’s continuity. It’s both weird and cool at the same time, but the dialog is clearly for kids.

I’ve never had any of the book & records but I do have one of the Golden Video cassettes. That’s something you don’t see nowadays, nor do you see book and record/cassette/CD (where there ever “book & CD” offerings?) but at the time everyone was trying to take advantage of this new home video market to find new ways to promote their stuff. There was a similar series by Golden Video featuring the Transformers but I’ve heard it’s not as good as these, so if you didn’t like these you won’t be into those either. Maybe I’ll show those someday, and the other Masters Of The Universe video someday.

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  1. Sean says:

    Comments on Golden Books Videos:

    I loved these videos you showed here. So please do show the R.L. Stein ones in the future if you’re able to. Combining artwork from different Golden Books versions of MOTU was quite clever and worked out well. Whether it’s these videos or the actual Golden Books of MOTU, these are other avenues for people to be entertained by classic MOTU stories. I like the artwork and the stories. There were even some funny quotes such as “You’re the booby prize, Fur Face” which He-Man said to Beast Man as he flung the fur ball away. Or when He-Man yelled out “We’ve been slimed!” (this reminded me of that old 80s Nickelodeon show where people would get slimed). I found it interesting how Skeletor’s demon army at one point looked like wrapped up mummies. These videos and books reminded me of why I like MOTU so much: because MOTU combines science fiction and fantasy. One question though with the last video. When Orko destroyed the Cosmic Clock, wouldn’t that have caused major problems in the universe? That one confuses me.


  2. Sean says:

    Comments on the Audio Book:

    I realize that I like Skeletor’s voice better in the Golden Books videos when compared with the Skeletor voice from the Filmation cartoons and this audio book. The audio book had excellent art work and a well crafted story. This was actually my first time seeing the evil character Grizzlor. What a fascinating concept: a grizzly bear humanoid. I also liked how stroking that particular leaf could get one between the worlds of Eternia and Etheria. So much magic in MOTU along with the technology and science. There’s lots of audiobook videos you can find on Youtube. For example, I remember that back in 2015 I watched a Gobot audiobook on Youtube. It was pretty cool. Recently, I did see a Transformers Insecticons children’s book (made by Marvel) at a local comic book shop. After watching these, I think I will try to look for more MOTU and Gobots audiobooks on Youtube.


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