Sorry there’s no Worldbuilding Project update today. Yesterday was distracting. Outside of working on Jake & Leon I’m hoping it’s the last day I’ll miss.

“Wait, I know Kevin Feige personally. I can get you guys a Thunderbolts movie!”

Thunderbolts #14

Marvel Comics (May, 1998)

“Casualties Of War!”

WRITER: Kurt Busiek

PENCILER: Mark Bagley

INKER: Scott Hanna


LETTERER: Liz Agraphiotis

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

As Jolt makes friends with Jikekt Moonstone sneaks back into the cell. She’s made a deal with the Vizer to put him on the throne, using a rebel attack to hide the murder of the current Primotur. As the rebels launch their attack, Jolt tries to fight without killing while Atlas just keeps doing his thing, but Moonstone brings MACH-1 and Songbird to join her plan. However, neither of them are willing to kill, so Moonstone does it herself, using them instead to keep in the clear, although Jolt doesn’t buy it. As promised the Vizer sends the Thunderbolts back to Earth with an uncertain future as wanted criminals and the possibility that the Kosmos people will invade Earth believing they’ll stop Kang from enslaving them.

What they got right: Jolt continues to be my favorite character in the comic. She exemplifies what it means to be a superhero among the two reformed villains learning how to be heroes, the guy who isn’t sure what he is, and the unrepentant villain. I would totally have bought a Jolt solo series had they made one. I also like MACH-1 and Songbird’s path to being heroes.

What they got wrong: So why did Moonstone need them to tag along if she’s can kill the guy herself? Yes you can make the case that it’s part of their character growth and as a critic I’m not complaining. On a personal level it still implicates Abe and Melissa in the death, especially when they cover for Moonstone later. Fine, I’m looking for something to complain about. I admit it. And it’s personal preference over any critical problem with the story, although having them in the fight would more distract everyone so Moonstone could slip away. You’d think the three of them would be missed more than one.

Recommendation: This is still a good series worth checking out.


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