“This what happens when you fire off-cover. It comes back at you.”

Transformers Spotlight: Hardhead

IDW Publishing (July, 2008)

“Revelation” part 2

WRITER: Simon Furman

ARTIST: Nick Roche

COLORIST: Kris Carter

LETTERER: Neil Uyetake

EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

Continued from Transformers Spotlight: Cyclonus> Nightbeat recruits Hardhead to keep him from losing control as he returns to Golan Prime. There they find a world turning techno-organic and eventually into Cybertronian type Transformers…such as the human-sized vehicles that attack them. (We know them as Micromasters.) As the pair escape the enemy and travel back into the pit Nightbeat is taken over by Jhiaxus, whom Arcee recruits Banzai-Tron in tracking down both them and the Dead Universe members who took Monstructor. All three Nova Cores are active but Nightbeat is rather important to Nemesis Prime’s plan. Cornered by the controlled Nightbeat and the Micromasters, Hardhead’s only option is to kill Nightbeat (which was Nightbeat’s request if he went rogue) and escape through the gateway to the Dead Universe. This means Nemesis Prime will have to kill Optimus Prime himself. Speaking of Optimus, he gets a call from “Dealer”, suggesting that the Magnificence, that thing Hot Rod hid and Doubledealer wants, may hold the key to solving the current crisis. Continued in Transformers Spotlight: Doubledealer

What they got right: At least some of these events in Furman’s run get pulled together finally. Not all of them but Furman still like having as many storylines as he can going on at the same time so you take what you can get. At least he’s pulling together an interesting story.

What they got wrong: But the Furman body count continues. Gorlan Prime is turning into a world of Micromasters under the Dead Universe’ control, because making them interesting characters on their own like Marvel and Dreamwave did is too much work apparently. Nightbeat’s dead so I hope you weren’t a fan of his character. And of course Arcee is still a damaged character in the IDWverse to this day so I’m not surprised she’s still gone here.

Recommendation: The story isn’t too bad but I’m not happy seeing good characters wasted for this arc. I find it difficult to recommend currently but I have nothing to warn you away with either.

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  1. […] Cyclonus was a member of Nova Prime’s (now going by Nemesis Prime) journey to the stars in the days long before the Autobot/Decepticon war. Now he is here, looking into the fate of Cybertron. In his rage, Cyclonus attacks the nearest Cybertronian ship he could find, which happens to be Hound’s team. Between the arrival of Ultra Magnus and his limited time outside of the Dead Universe, Cyclonus retreats, with the Autobots following. They arrive at the place where the Nova Core is, and Cyclonus activates the guardian, which turns out to be a controlled Thunderwing, before heading to the nearest access point to the Dead Universe. Optimus has them remain in stakeout position but not to challenge Thunderwing. Meanwhile Nightbeat finds his recording of his time on Gorlan Prime and contacts Hardhead for help while Arcee tortures Decepticons to find the Monstructor Combiners.  [continues in Transformers Spotlight: Hardhead] […]


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