Dragonflight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve only read one of the “Dragonriders Of Pern” novel by Anne McCaffery out of curiosity. I’m not usually a fantasy person but there are some mild sci-fi elements and dragons are always cool. No, I don’t remember which book I borrowed from the library. It’s isn’t a bad series, and now it’s getting a comic series. It will be an adaptation of the first novel. I hope it’s good because I know it has a decent fanbase.

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  1. Sean says:

    The Iron Druid comics should be good too. Of course, the Druids were very important in Ireland before St. Patrick brought Christianity to the island because the Druids were the priests of the ancient Celtic religion. If you like dragons, you’d probably also like the Dragonlance comics that DC (working with TSR) put out during the late 80s and early 90s. Dragonriders of Pern should be a decent comic series also. Oh, I remember you showed that little image of the cute little dragon in a past article, but I’m forgetting where the little dragon comes from. What cartoon was that cute little dragon from?


    • Filmation’s Flash Gordon. The dragon is from season 2. I mentioned him in an article where I was either discussing mascot characters or how NBC ruined season 2. I don’t remember which but I think the mascots.


      • Sean says:

        That’s right! Now I remember your article where you discussed the Flash Gordon cartoon. Well, I think that little dragon looks pretty neat. Did you ever see the Ted movies (both the first and second) where the actor who played Flash Gordon in the Flash Gordon movie played a prominent role in both films?


  2. Sean says:

    Yes, Ted was a crude movie, but it was cool to see the actor who played Flash Gordon in it. Although, yes, it was a bit outrageous to see Flash Gordon doing cocaine. But the whole point of the Ted movie was that Flash Gordon was a major role model for Wahlberg’s character and Ted from their childhoods (if a teddy bear could really have a role model!). Seeing the Ted movies on New Years Eve this year made me go and research to learn more about the Flash Gordon movie. I saw it as a kid on HBO but it was so long ago that I had forgotten what happened. In my research about the Flash Gordon movie, I learned that it truly does have a loyal cult following. So I’m guessing that Seth Rogen, creator of the Ted movies, is a loyal Flash Gordon fan.


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