Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Duke Nukem began life as a shareware sprite-based video game series, but got cruder with the upgrade to 3D first-person-shooter as well as gained a large fanbase. Then there was the running gag that was Duke Nukem Foreveri until the game finally came out and the punchline was a punch to the face. But apparently there’s still enough love for the franchise out there that they’ve tapped WWE wrestler John Cena to portray him n a live-action movie. It’s not my kind of game but do you think a live-action version is going to be nearly on the level of games? Also, considering how Cena connects with kids, isn’t he an odd choice to star as Duke? The character is a parody of action heroes, complete with potty mouth and an overactive libido, plus a lot of gory violence. I mean, it has an “M” rating (the video game equivalent of “R”) for a reason.

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  1. Sean says:

    This game was a favorite of the “C” brothers that we both know (Steve and Joe) during the 1990s. Reading this spawned me to do some more research, and I was surprised to see that there were even Duke Nukeem action figures in the 1990s. This also is not my type of game, but it did and does have a huge fan following. This game was basically vulgar in a way that Grand Theft Auto (which could come out a few years later) would be. Duke Nukem laid the groundwork for other vulgar, violent video games that pushed the envelope (ex: video games depicting prostitution, drug use, etc.). I’ll stick with the classic family friendly games such as Q-Bert, Pac Man, Frogger, Pitfall, etc. thank you very much!


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