Tonight we take a trip to the future, to see how a new Batman takes on the bad guys. Terry just learned who killed his dad, and that his dad’s old boss is about to sell a deadly toxin that delivers a slow death. You’ll get the full story tomorrow and I don’t know how to pad out this intro, so let’s just get into things. I know it’ll be short on the homepage, but we’ll see who’s paying attention.

“SMACK” round 11

The Battlefield: Batman Beyond #2 (DC Comics; April, 1999) “I Am Batman”, part 2 of an adaptation of the series opener, “Rebirth”

The Promoters: Hilary J. Bader (writer), Rick Burchett (penciler), Terry Beatty (inker), Lee Loughridge (colorist), and Tim Harkins (letterer)

Batman catches up with the plane and Mr. Fixx, the man who killed Terry’s father. But now Terry IS Batman.

Insert your own modern airlines joke here.

Don’t believe me? Ask him yourself.

He didn’t hit the guy. It’s just the power of Batman’s name.

Then Fixx gets fried when his gauntlets electrify him. Hey, it’s how the Joker went in one version.

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