Having been in the reviewing community I became aware of artist and animator Andrew Dickman. He’s done work for review shows as well as worked on television animation, and has done some of his own review work as well as a series of comedy shorts about Doctor Wily and his Robot Masters. Dickman (yes, that is his actual last name) is a huge Mega Man fan you see, even running an annual Mega Man drawing challenge on Tumblr. So when he decided to create a pitch for his own animation concept, guess what he was inspired by.

The Hero Code was a futuristic superhero comedy Dickman pitched to Nickelodeon, which he was working for at the time. The pitch came with a 3+ minute animatic showcasing what the tone of the show would be like. Recently he posted this animatic to his YouTube channel and I thought it was interesting enough to share.

From the description:

The animatic took me about a week to complete.

I challenged myself to make an action based short in 3 minutes for a concept I titled “The Hero Code” (formerly known as Project Napalm) based on a series of characters and concepts I made since high school.

In a futuristic utopia, a mysterious young boy posing as a “super hero” appears among a city threatened by anarchistic robots.

See what I mean about the Mega Man influence. It kind of resembles the Dreamwave Mega Man comic as well as the upcoming Mega Man: Fully Charged cartoon (which debuts this weekend and I will be writing a review for possibly next week) but with unique characters and a boy hero who gets his “code” from comic books. Already I’m disappointed this wasn’t picked up.

So this was an animatic pitch I made when I was working at Nickelodeon. They were looking for short “comedy’ shows at the time and I was honestly trying to test out to see if any of them were interested in an action show again (kind of like Avatar) I whipped this up in a couple nights. and I was blessed with wonderful voice talent to help back it up thanks to Chris Niosi. Michael Johnston, Josh Tomar, Marianne Miller-Billany and Marc Swint did amazing work and I can’t thank them enough for helping me out.

I wonder if this idea can get a second chance? If you want to see more of his work check out his YouTube channel, his Tumblr, or his deviantART page.


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