That girl must have really ticked off the fashion police. What’s she wearing for a top, her scarf? She had a full shirt in the story. KID’S comic cover, guys! Yes, I’m old!

Superman Adventures #36

DC Comics (October, 1999)

“This Is A Job For Superman”

WRITER: Mark Millar

PENCILER: Aluir Amancio

INKER: Terry Austin

COLORIST: Marie Severin


LETTERER: Phil Felix


EDITOR: Mike McAvennie

There isn’t a lot to summarize here. It’s not some big story. It’s just Superman having a busy night, and showcasing numerous rescues. And somehow he found time to find a lost dog.

About that. You may have seen me post this scene a few times if you’ve been around long enough. I know it’s unintentional but it makes it look like the kid is praying to Superman and it just feeds the “Superman is a god/Jesus” nonsense that kind of bothers me in how Superman is portrayed by some writers. It’s the closest thing to a complaint I have with this issue. It’s just a series of quick rescues over a busy night, and occasionally taking him across country and into space. It showcases all the good Superman does, and with us currently going over the adaptation of his death and resurrection at Doomsday’s hands (just the death part though) it’s kind of fitting that this comic ends up in my review rotation.

Otherwise, there isn’t a whole lot to the issue. It’s a fun enough read if you like to see Superman rescuing people but there’s not a lot of character moments and no supervillains, just a terrorist group. It’s still worth reading though. I’m just telling you what you’re getting.


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