“Fine, I’ll buy a new washing machine already!”

Robotech: Return To Macross #22

Academy Comics, Ltd (June, 1995)

“War Of The Believers” part 1: Storming The Gates

WRITER: Bill Spangler

ARTIST: Wes Abbott

LETTERER: Mike Delepine

Nina’s first commercial for The Faithful airs, causing her brother, Dr. Lang, to decide to debate her on TV. These ads aren’t enough for Anatole, who hires saboteur DaSilva to aid him in his plans to take over the group and take a hardline approach to Robotechnology. This includes using his resources to learn of a test for the new Spartan Battloid. He sets up a fake protest as a cover for DaSilva to get footage of the base. Roy catches him but as the guards try to disperse the rioting crowd he gets away. Half a world away someone hears the news reports and decides he has to return to Macross Island. (No, I don’t think that’s what the series title refers to.)

What they got right: It looks like the Faithful story arc is reading its climax. Every character’s reasoning is understandable, including the Faithful and even the fanatic side, although you can still and probably should disagree with their methods. They don’t know what we the audience knows since this is a prequel. Actually, I would think not knowing what happens in the show would make this easier to choose sides for as a reader.

What they got wrong: They’re still not convincing me that Anatole Leonard would be fanatically anti-Robotech. In the show he prefers brute force over any kind of logical strategy and got more power crazed as the second war went on, but I’ve never seen him as being against Robotechnology. Unless he’s using the group to seize power Palpatine style it doesn’t feel like the same guy.

Recommendation: This should be an interesting series for fans of Robotech but it may be worth looking into if you’ve never experienced the show before.


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