“Ummm, command, my thrusters are acting a bit strange.”

Robotech: Return To Macross #25

Academy Comics Ltd. (September, 1995)

“War Of The Believers” finale: “Paying The Price”

WRITER: Bill Spangler

ARTIST: Wes Abbott


The kidnappers make contact with Emil, offering to return Nina safely if he gets their agents into the SDF-1. However, he and Roy figure out a way to track them back to where they’re holding Nina. In the rescue attempt Jessica is killed and Nina is rescued. Roy makes it clear he’s not interested in her but now has to figure out how to convince Claudia. The whole experience has changed Nina’s view on Robotechnology as she realizes even the people working on it are scared, which is why they’re working so hard to learn and utilize it. As she publicly changes her view on Robotechnology Anatole realizes he’s lost everything, his power base and his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Nina meets Emil’s new assistant, Brian Bernard. (And from his character model, I think we can guess whose daddy he is. But is Nina is future mom?)

What they got right: As a conclusion to the Faithful civil war arc, the story delivers well. Anatole is defeated (although what happened to the non-fanatic side of the Faithful I wonder?), the subplot with Nina’s crush on Roy is resolved, and instead of another character from the show we get the potential father of one, which works better for me. Also, we have sound effects done right, and not in a text box! I hope Ms. Dorne stays around awhile because Alphabet Soup is okay on the dialog but not the onomatopoeia.

What they got wrong: There is a panel where Roy’s dialog is said by the guy getting shot at by the Veritech in Guardian mode.

Other Notes: As far as the Anatole Leonard problem I think we need to discuss this on Tuesday because it is an interesting exploration on how to use characters in prequels. Plus I get to write a full Robotech article that isn’t strictly a comic review, and I’m happy for that opening.

Recommendation: The whole four-part story arc is pretty good, but I’m not sure how non-fans will connect to it. Still, it’s worth giving a read.

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  1. […] As we saw on Friday though this would ultimately work against him. His girlfriend and biggest supporter was killed and his whole plan shot. I don’t know if Leonard was just looking for personal power, which would fit his original characterization to a point, but he did note that he “lost everything”. I need to read further in my collection to see if the rest of the group is still around protesting but the splinter faction and their violent protests and fake crises should be over with. […]


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