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Batman Beyond volume 2 #9

DC Comics (July, 2000)

“The Last Of Her Kind”

WRITERS: Hilary J. Bader & Rich Fogel

PENCILER: Craig Rosseau

INKER: Rob Leigh

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: Joseph Illidge

Batman foils an assassination, and the assassin (who surrenders after losing a scimitar) is killed by his peers. While this is an MO of the League Of Assassins, Terry and Bruce already shut them down. This is a new guild created by Curare, who sends a new assassin after the target but after Batman gets to her first and learns who hired the assassins, the killer goes to make sure the client keeps his trap shut. Batman gets there about the same time and manages to track him back to Curare and her guild. He manages to defeat Curare, who by her own rules will have to defeat Batman to win them back. Considering her track record with Batman, don’t bother waiting up for her.

What they got right: The writers come up with a fresh way to use Curare and a replacement for the League Of Assassins. This is why it saddens me on the occasions I do learn what the current DCU incarnation of Batman Beyond is doing I find none of Terry’s villains (or Terry himself) seeing any use. All the focus is on Batman and his cast, just in the future.

What they got wrong: I guess once you get in it’s okay to be arrested since they don’t put Curare to death but plan to wait for her to return and restore face or something. It’s just the training novices who can’t speak, must use her weapon rather than ones that suit them, and are killed for failing or speaking before their final exam target is killed. Otherwise there’s some inconsistency here just to keep her around in case the show wants to do something with her.

Recommendation: A good story that’s worth checking out for Beyond fans, or at least the DCAU show fans.

And don’t forget that the DCAU comic reviews will be taking over the Monday slot since the DC comics are all caught up. Saturday will be me finally catching up on my comiXology library and then we’ll see what happens next.


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  1. Hyatt says:

    This is why it saddens me on the occasions I do learn what the current DCU incarnation of Batman Beyond is doing I find none of Terry’s villains (or Terry himself) seeing any use. All the focus is on Batman and his cast, just in the future.

    YES! Someone else feels that way about the comics!

    Ahem. I don’t remember this issue at all. How does it handle Curare being non-vocal? I know the DCU comics (both continuities) just had her talking up a storm as if she hadn’t been portrayed as strictly non-vocal in the show.


    • She’s silent, but she has a guy do her talking for her. I guess he can guess what she wants from her movements or her eyes. The rule for the novitiates is that they have to stay silent until they complete their final exam kill. They also have to do it with her scimitar but will be allowed to use a weapon of their choice once their in. It’s all done in her honor, so the writers put some thought into what a guild Curare would create would be like, or at least enough to make sense in the story.

      All the problems I have the DCU version is strictly lore based and focusing on the wrong Batman. They aren’t bad stories but they ditched Terry to put…I think Tim Drake in the costume and it doesn’t feel right. I think they even had an older Matt once but I’m not sure. The first miniseries just made me lose interest, which I went over in those reviews when they came out.


      • Hyatt says:

        Better than the non-tie-in comics have done, for sure. Her latest appearance had her as a member of the League of Assassins, turned renegade to warn Batman about Ra’s latest omnicidal plan. Then she gets killed.

        Oh, you haven’t been keeping up with the comics? Well, Tim Drake is out and they’re quietly semi-pretending that era never happened. Meaning Tim’s tenure is never mentioned and the world seems far more functional than the post-apocalyptic hellhole Brother Eye made it, but sometimes there are nods to the Brother Eye apocalypse and the time Terry spent missing and assumed dead. Problem is, even though Terry’s back in the suit, the emotional focus is still more on Bruce. Of the five arcs so far, two have centered on people from Bruce’s life suddenly reappearing and causing trouble and heartache for him, one has been about his mistakes creating a villain that Terry has to face, and one went from reviving the Joker to rescuing Bruce. Only one arc hasn’t had Bruce or his old supporting cast somehow being the catalyst for the conflict, and even that one had him doing the bulk of the emotional reacting, detective work, and decision-making. It also used Terry’s old rogues as haphazardly as talking whistle-blower Curare.


        • I saw Comicstorian’s summary of the time they went to find Damian. Wait, they revived the Joker again? Return Of The Joker was just fine as a sendoff the DCAU Joker. I’d hate to see how they ruined the other rogues gallery.

          I get the feeling the writer really didn’t want to write about Terry. Adam Beechan’s miniseries killed off three of Terry’s enemies, the most offensive being Stalker off-screen, as if we wouldn’t want to see him fighting Hush Beyond (aka evil clone Dick, with Batman’s full training downloaded). At that point I finished the miniseries more for the review than any actual interest in the storyline. Huge disappointment.


        • Hyatt says:

          They erased RotJ, probably as part of the whole “let’s pretend Tim never took over by never mentioning him at all” approach. Now we have a story where everyone’s shocked he’s alive but we’re never given any explanation for how that is, the main heroes know he’s around for ages before he makes his big return appearance and do nothing with their initiative, not even fill in other former members of the Batfamily of his continued existence, and he can’t figure out who a “Bruce” that Batman is talking to might be, despite his big return being to crash a Bruce Wayne event.

          Adam Beechen at least brought back a bunch of the villains he unceremoniously killed off. Jurgens hasn’t. And how he uses them is… really random. Like Abel Cuvier mind-controlling the Justice League into fighting Batman by making them think Batman was dead and they were fighting a villain. Or Shriek, the guy who readily turned assassin to fund his projects, becoming an anti-hero defender of the underground. Or Stalker now being flat broke and needing the money a former teen therapist can pay him to feed his village.


        • Now I am sad. What happened to Jurgens? Or is he just better off on Superman. (I know we’d be better with him than Bendis.)


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