“Since when is Pismo Beach inside a cave?”

The Pirates Of Dark Water #1

Marvel Comics (January, 1992)


TELEPLAY: Lane Raichert

STORY: Lane Raichert, Kelly Ward, & Mark Young

ADAPTATION: Dwight Jon Zimmerman

PENCILER: Bruce Zick

INKERS: Armando Gil & Ian Akin

COLORIST: Renee Witterstaetter

LETTERER: John Costanza

EDITOR: Rob Tokar

Chased by Blot, Ren and his crew are diverted into the island of the Atani, the “pale warriors”, who do not like strangers. They’re taken before the king and Ren proves he is the son of Primus, earning a friendship with the Atani. However, Ioz and Tula both betray this new trust as Ioz tries to steal some of their gold and Tula steals scrolls she claims were ship manifests she only took to read stories of adventures, not that Ren completely believes her. He returns the stolen items when the Atani give chase but Klonk (who snuck aboard the Wraith along with two other men) kidnap the king to force Ren to give him the compass and first treasure, although Ren manages to save the king at least. Still, his crew is forever banned from the Atani and as they chase Klonk to Janga Town, Ren wonders if he can trust his crew and if he wasn’t better off as a lighthouse keeper.

What they got right: They fit a whole episode into one issue this time, as this is the full adaptation of episode two. This also begins to explore the lore of Mer and the various races that live on it as well as show us more of Ioz and Tula’s character. It’s also a fair cliffhanger for what was a miniseries at the time.

What they got wrong: When did Tula have a chance to bring a change of clothes?

Other notes: I’m not sure why I stopped here. I didn’t know it was continuing past the adaptation so I know why I don’t have the original stories, but I’m not sure why I stopped here. It could be that I had the episodes (although they’re not a very good recording and any attempt I get now will only get the Frank Welker Niddler instead of Roddy McDowell’s) or Diamond screwing over the smaller comic stores, including the one I was using at the time. Whatever the case my collection ends here. Here’s a link to the fan wiki for Pirates Of Dark Water, the page I chose featuring the episode list, although the summaries are incomplete.

Recommendation: The comic’s okay, maybe look for the original tale although I don’t know if it’s any good. I do recommend picking up the full series on home video though.

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  1. Sean says:

    Man, I’ve missed so much on bwspotlight this week! The pollen finally hit me hard this Monday. I didn’t miss any days of work, but I was so exhausted on Monday and Tuesday, that I went right to bed right after work both days. The past three days have been me steadily getting better, but I just haven’t been able to get onto the site until today (after all, last night was the last of Big Bang Theory, so I couldn’t miss that!). It looks like I’m going to have lots of catching up to do that will take me into next week along with keeping up with any new material you put up here.

    To Pirates of Darkwater, I do recommend getting more of the back issues. It’s worth getting all 9 issues. As a teen, I had all of them. Now as an adult (remember I foolishly sold most of my comic collection in 2002 when my parents moved), I have regathered almost all of the issues except for issues #5 and 6. Ironically, from the same comic store I went to in the area where we grew up (and where I had bought the issues back in the 1990s when they were fresh off the rack!). I’ve also seen these back issues occasionally in my current town’s comic shop. So even though Pirates of Dark Water is a rather obscure title, it is still possible to track down back issues in comic shops. One just has to be patient in getting them. There’s usually gaps of time in finding the Pirates of Dark Water back issues.

    Have you ever played the Pirates of Dark Water video game, Tronix?


    • Nope, never had the systems it was released for.


      • Sean says:

        Ok. There’s videos on Youtube of people playing the Pirates of Dark Water video game, in case you’re interested in seeing what the game was like. It is a game that I would have liked to have had the chance to play. I don’t think it was ever in the arcades though. It was probably just available on home video game systems or computers.


  2. Sean says:

    Oh….anybody notice that the Atani people sound kind of like Atari??????


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