Man, the updated graphics DO look amazing.

Final Fantasy VII is quite possibly the most popular game in the franchise. I haven’t played it because I don’t have time for long games like that but I have seen it being played and it looks decent enough. That’s really all I can say about it because that’s how little I know about it. When a tech demo of the opening cinematic was used to showcase the power of the latest PlayStation (I think it was 3 or 4) people went nuts thinking that they were getting a modern remake of the game. Well, you’re finally getting it.

At E3 this year a trailer came out for the new remake. Is it going to be any good?

All you’re really going to get is a visual upgrade. Camera angles may be different and maybe they will add a new mechanic or something but if it doesn’t play like the original or if they change too much of the story, then it’s going to garner scorn rather than the praise it’s getting now. It does look nice. That’s the thing, though. They could have just made an animated series adapting the game. Fans aren’t asking for altered gameplay, they want to see the characters in more modern computer animation and apparently Advent’s Children wasn’t enough for them. Couldn’t the time have been spent making a NEW Final Fantasy game that people won’t hate like the last few? It’s like the movies, where some people just refuse to watch anything that isn’t in color, or any game not in HD (which I assume will be the call of the anti-black-and-white movie watchers too someday). If the story and pretty pictures are all you care about an animated series should have been just fine.

However, there is one angle I need to bring up only because I’ve discussed it before.

Apparently Square Enix succumbed to the militant feminists who wanted Tifa to get a breast reduction. She still isn’t flat-chested but she’s about half the size she used to be. Of course people complaining about this will be seen as sexist perverts (ignoring any straight women who might complain because that’s how we do things in these debates now) by this crowd but as Gaijin Goombah pointed out this outcry is just reverse body-shaming. Here, rather than link to the last time I posted this let me just post it here again.

The point he was making is that Tifa wasn’t defined by her chest size in the game, but she is being defined by it outside of it, first by the perverts and now by the slut shamers. This is the result of reverse body shaming. Goombah’s friend, who had a large chest naturally, saw a woman who looked like her kicking all kinds of butt and not being defined by her body type, and I thought we were all about representation nowadays. I’ve also had female friends of ample chest size and they weren’t defined by their chests either. She’s still attractive enough to draw the perverts (after all she still needs an athletic body type for her fighting moves) so it’s not like you won that game, petitioners (find the pun). Instead you’ve told one particular group of women to be ashamed of their bodies…when I thought we were supposed to be telling girls and women NOT to be ashamed of their bodies. I guess it only counts when it’s you.

Otherwise I didn’t play the game before and probably won’t have the chance now, either. If the game is good, maybe the FF7 fans will finally be satisfied. Who am I kidding? This is the internet. Nobody is ever satisfied.

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