Today is July Fourth, usually referred to as the Fourth Of July. There are picnics and fireworks and celebrations, but too many seem to forget or not really think about the actual name of the holiday: Independence Day. This is the day when the group of twelve colonies that would become the United States Of America had enough of King George’s nonsense and told him to kiss off, that we would be independent of British rule and form a nation by, of, and for the people. I like to celebrate each Independence Day here at the Spotlight by doing something around the document that made that declaration, fittingly referred to as the Declaration Of Independence.

This year I found something unique, a breakdown of the document not by historians but by an English teacher running a class through YouTube. Anne Babson goes over the Declaration and why she is discussing it with her English class. I don’t know what grade she teaches and you may not agree with all of her perspectives in the specific sense (although she does her best not to get politically heavy or betray her point of view) but she makes a good broad examination of it for a literature perspective and that’s what I find interesting. Hope you all had a great July 4th regardless of what you did today. (That’s for the benefit of the non-US readers out there. My stats tell me you’re out there.)

If you want to take part in this virtual class check out her YouTube channel.

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