“Why can’t I ever have a good flashback, like when the triplets caught me with the twins.”

Iron Man volume 3 #39

Marvel Comics, (April, 2001)

“Remote Control” part 3: “Starks & Stones”\

WRITER: Frank Tieri

PENCILERS: Althia Martinez & Paul Ryan

INKERS: Mark Pennington & Rodney Ramos

COLORIST: Steve Oliff



EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

In present time Tony makes it into the building but is trapped by goons. He manages to teleport in his Iron Man armor and fight back. In the past, even Captain America can’t get a successful defense past a blood-hungry reporter (and this was before Hydra Cap). Donahue has a meeting with Tony and tells him what Tony’s suspected, that Tyberius Stone was behind everything that’s happened to him the past few weeks. Apparently Donahue was friends with Stone’s dad, whose company was ruined by Anthony Stark. Donahue thinks it was a suicide that Stone’s dad killed himself, but Ty himself later says he killed his parents to get their money, not wanting Tony to outdo him in their rivalry with his own inheritance. Pepper and Happy decide Tony really needs friends he can trust right now and opt to stay with Stark Solutions. Tony confronts Stone and Stone finally admits to everything, that he’s out to ruin Tony and win, having gone mad. He demonstrates that when a mechanical arm injects Tony in the neck.

What they got right: Maybe it’s because things are finally coming together but this story didn’t bug me as much as the first two issues of this storyline. The second art team does a good job.

What they got wrong: The first art team was having one of the good days but still not that great. When Tony teleports in the Iron Man armor the captions tell us that will be explained next issue, which is both unnecessary since given the framing we can probably guess that and pulls you out of the story for a moment. Never remind someone they’re reading a story until the end, when you have to either end the story or note that it will be continued or concluded.

Recommendation: I’m not sure this redeems this arc but at least I didn’t mind reading it as much. Maybe the last issue of this storyline (not the volume) will do that but I still can’t really recommend this issue right about now.

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