Kevin Feige has taken the Marvel movies and surprised everyone with how faithful the movies have been to the spirit of the comics, although not without a few questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, he has done so well that he is not the Chief Creative Officer for Marvel comics as well. While I think this article by the Nerdist overstates his importance and question some of their beliefs for a joint continuity between the comics, movies, TV shows, and web shows (the last three of which should be connected but aren’t), there may actually be some benefits to this union, if he can solve some of their other problems that the MCU has started taking on themselves lately. I’m taking the same wait and see approach I’ve discussed in Jake & Leon every other time there was a big shake-up in Marvel leadership. Bumping Quesada up, bringing in Axel Alonso and later replacing him with C.B. Cebulski didn’t make things better, and it might even be worse now. Let’s not get our hopes up yet until we see what Feige actually does.

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