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Justice League Adventures #15

DC Comics (March, 2003)


WRITER: Todd Seavey

PENCILER: Aluir Amancio

INKER: Rob Leigh

COLORIST: John Kalisz


LETTERER: Kurt Hathaway

EDITOR: Stephen Wacker

Three rulers in the Antares solar system have a unique method of war, with set rules and lacking war’s usual savagery. However one of them, Hyathis, has been getting the bigger victories and amassed the most power, so they decide to stealthily double-cross her using Kanjar Ro to steal the Gamma Gong, a gong that controls people’s minds, and use it to steal other items of power her armies have managed to find. Only suspecting what her rivals are up to but knowing how dangerous Ro is with the gong, she calls the Justice League for help. He manages to get them under his control, but Martian Manhunter figures out how to fight the effects and thanks to a joke by The Flash, Batman figures out the best way to solve the situation, by letting Ro join the game.

What they got right: This is certainly a different take on the art of war, where it’s still warfare but one of a less savage nature and yet isn’t lacking in humanity. (For example, there’s that Star Trek episode where the war was done via computers but the people still had to die by walking into special booths, which was a different form of inhumanity.) It’s not a discussion of the nature of war outside of one brief portion. Instead it’s just a story where the League have to use their brains and their powers rather than brute force to win the day.

What they got wrong: How exactly was Kanjar Ro and his mechanoid co-boss not affected by the gong? Is it vibrating the whole time? I don’t think the rules of how the gong works was really thought out given how Wonder Woman stops it. Congrats to Superman for actually destroying the dangerous weapon. Too many stories are about locking them back up.

Recommendation: With a little tweaking this might have made for a good episode premise. It’s worth checking out.

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