Shaggy stole Scooby’s line from the second story splash page.

Scooby-Doo #4

Archie Comics (January, 1996)

“Royal Canadian Mounted Scooby!” and “Close Encounters Of The Scooby Kind!”

Mike Kirshenbaum

Gordon Morison

Alfredo Alcala

Sid Jacobson

(hey we have first names for a change)

In the first story Shaggy has a dream about being a mountie while he and the rest of the gang run into a bigfoot, and then the dream turns into a witch saying it will come true and then it does come true but it doesn’t because Shaggy is put in the hospital. Meanwhile Fred insults Scrappy so he slugs Fred and goes off to work as a loudmouth talk radio host and it’s all kind of a mess from there. Was there even a point to making this story?

The second story makes sense and it’s still bad. The gang end up at an air show that’s under attack from flying saucers. The gang tries to help and Scrappy begins working at a hot dog stand whose owner has the worst attempt at writing a German accent I can recall, and he turns out to be the villain because the owner of the air show shot him down a lot during World War I but thanks to Scrappy he reforms. How does Scrappy keep getting these jobs and how do they keep going weird? At least this time he did something important to the plot rather than being a shock host or turning cruise passengers into a conquering army or some nonsense. Then again he keeps eating the profits. That’s more Scooby’s thing than Scrappy’s.

No, this comic is still not very good. I still do not recommend trying to get it, but keep an eye out for when we get to the guest writer. He knows how to make a Scooby-Doo comic. This writer not so much.

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