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Robotech II: The Sentinels book 2 #7

Eternity Comics (May, 1991)


WRITERS: Tom Mason & Chris Ulm

ARTIST: Jason Waltrip


LETTERER: Patrick Williams

EDITOR: Dan Danko

The Sentinels prepare to depart Tirol while the Zentraedi return to Fantoma to mine the materials they need. Breetai also learns the name of the lady Zentraedi that caught his attention recently. Karen has a surprise for Jack, but not the one he wants. Dr. Lang introduces Bela to her Robotech Pegasus, which she names Hallidare. However she’s still not happy with Rem and Cabell since the Robotech Masters are responsible for all this, and blames Rem for Zor’s actions. (Rem was revealed to be a clone of Zor.) As the Sentinels head for Karbarra, the Invid are planning to borrow some extra troops from Karbarra to help retake Tirol. While all this goes on Minmei tries to sort out her current situation, singing a song to relax herself, but someone in the lounge broadcasts it around the ship, giving others the same sense of peace.

What they got right: I do like all the personal interactions, with a taste of certain character arcs to come. While I don’t agree with Bela’s immediate hatred of Cabell and Rem, almost like she’s unfairly blaming Rem for Zor’s actions, it does make sense given the Masters are responsible for the Invid turning into a conquering race and the creation of the Zentraedi. The art is also good.

What they got wrong: Maybe it’s because I’m still lacking the issues of the actual Tirol battle between the Invid and the REF as of this review but there isn’t a lot of combat thus far. The rest of the series had a good balance between action and characters, some episodes having more of one than the other but it usually balanced out. There aren’t a lot of mecha battles thus far. My memory may be off, but was the Zentraedi being miners before being “reprogrammed” into warriors something from the original series?

Recommendation: This is still an enjoyable series. Give it a look.

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  1. Sean says:

    How did the female Zentraedi catch Breetai’s attention?


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