Okay, so this might not be tied to…

Can you blame me? This one panel has ruined so much. No, I don’t care that it was undone because it wasn’t really undone and there’s still a Nazi version of Captain America in 616 and that’s an affront to Simon and Kirby.

“You’ll never catch me saying that.”

Captain America: Hail Hydra #1

Marvel Comics (March, 2011, comiXology release: February, 2011–I’m thinking somebody has their timelines confused)

WRITER: Jonathan Mayberry

ARTIST: Sergio Cariello

COLORIST: Chris Sotomayor

LETTERER: Joe Caramagna


EDITORS: Bill Roseman & Tom Brennan

In 1942 Captain America and Bucky are brought to a mad scientist lab by a member of the German Freedom League, a group of Germans who oppose the Nazi regime. The lab is run by the Thule Society, a mystical arm of Hydra, and the scientist is creating zombies out of dead Nazis (although these zombies can talk like normal people), who are using the Nazi conquest to gather all kinds of mystic secrets. Their GFL ally comes to their rescue but she is stabbed by a Hydra agent, who makes off with the scientists. Others of the League come to take her away to be treated, but some of them are Hydra as well.

What they got right: Cool story from the World War II days. I couldn’t find a reference to an actual German Freedom League, but I like the idea that there were Germans fighting against Hitler’s actions. The idea of technically-zombies could work, and this is one of those stories that takes place over various years, which Marvel was doing a few of at the time. (They did one with Thor too.) I also liked the art work. A bit darker tone, but they are going for a horror story vibe. Geist is even genre savvy about his place as a mad scientist.

What they got wrong: Was Bucky always carrying this bad attitude? Arguing with one of the few allies they’ll find from actual Germans, triggerhappy, and kind of obnoxious was how he’s depicted here. Geist calls his formula by the cliched “Lazarus” moniker. Did he actually stick Cap with that or was Loun in time to stop it? Will that come into play later somehow?

Recommendation: A decent enough story on its own but I can’t judge the overall miniseries from it. Might be worth a look.

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