“Would Superman mind if I started a team called ‘Beetle Friends’?”

Justice League Unlimited #5

DC Comics (March, 2005)

“Monitor Duty”

WRITER: Adam Beechan

PENCILER: Carlo Barberi

INKER: Walden Wong

COLORING: Heroic Age

COVER ART: Ben Caldwell

LETTERER: Phil Balsman


EDITOR: Tom Palmer, Jr.

Blue Beetle gets monitor duty on a very slow night. He tries to find ways to entertain himself while remaining on duty until Green Lantern relieves him, but just before his shift ends the General shows up and knocks John out. Blue Beetle has to figure out a way to take him down, even if it means taking a bit more time on duty while John takes him away. Of course after that he could use the peace and quiet.

What they got right: Even though this is a mostly humor-focused story Blue Beetle isn’t treated as a joke himself in this story. Too may writers of the Ted Kord version treat him that way so seeing he isn’t pathetic was nice to see.

What they got wrong: The General is a different story. Singing military songs, talking like everyone is a soldier…he’s like a parody, unless Beechen is trying to say he’s lost his mind after the transformation.

Recommendation: A fun little story that might be worth a read.


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