“I’m Jean-Luc Picard…and I can breathe in space.”

Star Trek: The Next Generation #24

DC Comics (October, 1991)


WRITER: Michael Jan Friedman

PENCILER: Peter Krause

INKER: Pablo Marcos

COLORIST: Julianna Ferriter

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Robert Greenberger

I’m coming in not really knowing what’s going on, but apparently Riker is injured and the crew of a shuttle ended up in a ship with hostile people from across the Alpha Quadrant. Our heroes manage to escape to an unknown alien ship that apparently whatever this vortex is they’re talking about, and offer to bring the hostiles home as well, which they eventually agree to. Meanwhile, the Enterprise finishes bringing two alien races to another planet after theirs blew up, but both being water breathers are all they have in common. Can they learn to work together? There’s no time to contemplate as Picard’s promotion of Data and Burke to take over for Riker and Worf respectively, believing everyone on the shuttle died. Then the alien ship pops up in Klingon space, unable to warn anyone they’re friendly or that the ship’s engines are about to explode. Picard takes a huge risk with both the Klingons and his life beaming onto the ship to learn what’s been happening and so the crew can take everyone off the ship and back to their homes.

What they got right: Judgement is limited based on not having the issue or issues where this story began, but this issue alone isn’t too bad. While I don’t know how they got there, how they get out of that situation is still interesting to follow. We see a moment of humanity in Picard trying to avoid the promotion and accepting members of his crew are dead, which goes against the original intentions we saw in the story bible about how aloof they are about death but I think it makes him more human, and even Troi finds comfort talking to the other race’s representative about her loss. Wesley also gets to shine for a change.

What they got wrong: Seriously, guys, this is what the logs are for, to have exposition like this. You couldn’t get a personal log or something from Worf explaining how they got into this situation? Picard and Crusher are lacking in compassion when the First Governor is lamenting the destruction of his homeworld and their culture. Yes, saving the other race was more important but imagine if you lost everything you knew and defined your species and had to rebuild from scratch. Also, this panel:

I don’t think I need to elaborate, but the art was passable outside of this panel. What is that expression supposed to even be? Dude’s head shouldn’t bend that way.

Recommendation: While I can’t judge the full arc this issue wasn’t too badly. Mildly recommended depending on the rest of the arc.

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  1. […] I’ve already reviewed the conclusion to this arc but I thought this issue would answer some questions I had from that issue. It only answers one of the stories. I still don’t know how Riker was injured or how he, Worf, Wesley, and apparently Wesley’s love interest got into their situation, but this is how they tried to get the ship they were going home in during the next issue. This is the problem with reviewing a story arc backwards and apparently I still need to go back another issue or two to get caught up. Meanwhile, Troi comes across the Skriti, locked away so they wouldn’t be found in order to assure the Enterprise would rescue the Lanatosians’ cultural artifacts. They capture her when she finds the intelligent sea creatures but Troi manages to get a distress signal of sorts out to Data, who rescues them and Picard is not happy with the Lanatosian governor. He does indeed decide to forget the monuments in favor of saving the Skriti, leading to the situation in the next issue. […]


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