Tim “Tool Man” Taylor’s favorite superhero.

Craftsman Bolt-On System Saves The Justice League

DC Comics (2012–posted to comiXology Oct 1st, 2012)

WRITER: Joshua Williamson

ARTIST: Christian Duce


LETTERER: Wes Abbott

EDITOR: Ben Abernathy

The Technician is responsible for maintaining the Hall Of Justice and the Justice League’s gear. But when they head out on a mission the Key makes his way into the Hall Of Justice to steal their files. It’s up to the Technician and his mighty Craftsman Bolt-On drill set to stop him.

While I’m not sure the Hall Of Justice was in use by the Justice League (I think it was blown up to attack Justice League International but this is the main group…granted this is New 52 Justice League which I didn’t read because what I had read had them fighting each other like they were the Avengers) it’s hard to otherwise nitpick when you’re grading on a curve. This is a comic to promote Craftsman’s “Bolt-On” system where you could quickly trade tools for the job. It does a decent job showing off different attachments as the Technician races to stop the Key’s plans. I don’t think we’re supposed to take this seriously. It’s just meant to be fun and show off the product and it does both pretty well as our hero tries to stop the Key while the League is battling the Royal Flush Gang.

This is one you check out for the curiosity factor, but it’s free (I’m not sure where the giveaway was but it’s free on comiXology) so why not check it out? I’ve far dumber attempts at promoting stuff but at least we get a neat adventure out of this one.

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