This is why Max doesn’t keep pets.

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 3 #15

Academy Comics Ltd (March, 1995)

“Unto The Breach!”


LETTERING: Alphabet Soup

This is going to be a short summary, folks. Max races to Miriya’s crashed ship and spends most of the issue trying to get four inorganics off of it. Unfortunately Miriya is unconscious, her air hose is damaged, and there was a break in her canopy so she’s been breathing the poisoned Garudan air for the whole fight. Meanwhile, Jack leads a team to rescue Rick and the others, with Tesla taking point. Too bad they run into a bunch of armed guards.

What they got right: If you’re going to have a single battle take up the majority of the issue without break, make it a good one. Waltrip delivers on that, feeling like a battle that could have happened in the show had it been made.

What they got wrong: The lettering has a number of errors. Rick’s name is spelled without a capital R in the preview for next issue. In one panel the two word balloons are in the wrong reading order. And the sound effects are in some kind of box using a lame font. Not even a good font, which would have at least looked a bit better. This is some bad lettering, which I’m used to seeing in the Return To Macross comics but not this one.

Recommendation: Still recommending the whole series.


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  1. Sean says:

    An action packed cover and story!


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