“No, I’ve never been a rapper. Why do ask?”

D4VE #1

Monkeybrain Comics (2013)

Note that this is no longer available on comiXology through Monkeybrain as the company disbanded. I only have it because I had gotten it at the time. IDW picked it up but I don’t know if they included the backstory of the comic’s creation in their version.


ARTIST: Valentin Ramon

In this world the robot uprising succeeded and humanity was wiped out…as were any of the other messy organic races that tried to take the planet afterwards. With all the wars won the robots just…kind of became metal humans. D4VE used to be one of robotkind’s greatest warriors. Now he’s a working stiff with a wife and a child he didn’t even know about. (It’s actually not that complicated.) He hates his life and still dreams (or the robot version of dreaming) of his glory days. Well, funny thing…apparently they missed one of the aliens and they’ve decided to “visit”.

What they got right: Personally I love the concept. The reason they replicate human society is explained. It’s the story of a former warrior forced into civilian life and it looks like he might be forced to take up that role again. Will this be a story where he learns to value his new life (I kind of doubt it) or one where he gets to be who he really is and abandon that life (I’m leaning towards this one)? I’m curious to find out. (I wish I had money coming in.)

What they got wrong: So did they all adopt an American culture or are there robots living all the old human cultures? I really have nothing to complain about so I’m just asking a lore question in its place.

Recommendation: I haven’t read the rest of the series so no assurance the rest of it is good but this issue is a good start and I like the premise. Give it a chance if you have a few extra bucks.

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