Wrong Batwoman.

It’s amazing how limited my media library is sometimes. Also, wow did my linework come out crap that strip.

Anyway, that’s not the Batwoman I’m here to discuss. Before Kate Kane but well after Katy Kane a different Batwoman appeared in the DCAU and it’s a version I wish more people were aware of. Batman: Mystery Of The Batwoman is the DCAU direct-to-video Bat-movie that never seems to get enough love, unlike Sub-Zero and the theatrical Mask Of The Phantasm. So when What Culture Comics posted a video about it yesterday I decided I wanted to show it. I could have done the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer and make this a Fandome week but honestly the only cool thing about it is Wonder Woman using her magic lasso to swing across lightning bolts like Spider-Man, which is just as ridiculous and just as awesome as it sounds. Nothing was comparing to that.

The second half of the video does contain spoilers and I will try to avoid them in my own comments but this otherwise is a movie worth looking into. Hopefully the non-spoiler half of the video by Ewan Ruins Things will convince you to give it a shot.

Catch more WhatCulture Comics on their YouTube channel.

I actually like the concept of this Batwoman better than the comics version. It’s been done (all I’ll say is Tangent Joker is awesome) but it works here as an idea I wish the DCAU had managed to work with. Also, the rare interracial romance where it’s never even brought up that they aren’t the same skin color. More please! As far as the villains being weak…maybe, but the story is more about Batwoman and her motivations. The bad guys are really just a means to an end and this is more about the concept of this character. Unfortunately the story ends with that concept ruined because frankly I wanted more of this and the ending makes that unlikely since even the bad guys learn the mystery.

If Ewan didn’t convince you try a few of these clips.

Ewan didn’t mention that Robin doesn’t have the same voice actor that he did in The New Batman/Superman Adventures. Mathew Valencia was replaced by Eli Marienthal, who admittedly also voiced the Tim Drake Robin in his Static Shock guest appearance. The video is easy to find for online rental and home video but as of this writing it’s also up with ads on CW Seed. So for once the CW has something good attached to Batwoman. 😀 (I’m kidding. I haven’t watched the CW DCU Batwoman series because it doesn’t interest me.)


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