As I’ve stated before, I do not consider myself an “anime fan”, since that would require putting Japanese animation apart from any other country and that’s just not how I’m wired. However, if one were to ask me for a list of oldskool anime to watch to get a taste of early Japanese animation imports worth watching, tonight’s entry would easily be among them, and my list is probably a lot different from other 80s kids who did experience “Japanimation” in search of good stories.. For example I was never into Akira and came rather late to Ghost In The Shell.

Robot Carnival however is one movie I would highly recommend. A series of short segments by different talented animation teams, the movie goes into many different genres, all centering around the theme of robots. Each segment also has their own flavor and tone. You could be watching a silly comedy story at one point, a thought-provoking discussion about robot versus humanity, or an action story where a girl at a theme park finds herself under attack from a giant robot while another robot tries to give her back a locket from her cheating boyfriend. This by the way is my favorite segment but all of them are quite good in one way or another.

Now how to watch it: below is the YouTube posting by on-demand streaming site Retro Crush, but it’s subtitled. While a number of stories have no dialog at all, there are segments with dialog and that will be in Japanese with subtitles. If you prefer your anime dubbed however, Retro Crush has both the subtitled and dubbed versions on their website. And check out some of their other offerings. I personally recommend Super Beastial Machine God Dancougar if you like Voltron (though it takes a season and a half before they actually form the title super robot). For now though, enjoy this classic piece of Japanese animation.

Catch more Retro Crush legally posted classic anime on their YouTube channel and their website.


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