Veggietales is one of those unusual Christian shows in that it’s also enjoyed by followers of other faiths and no faiths. From the lovable characters to the fun stories to the wholesome entertainment the show does amazingly well considering it started out as a series of direct-to-video 30 minute episodes about sentient vegetables released using 1990s CGI. So what happened?

Animation reviewer Saberspark goes over the rise and fall of the franchise, how one man’s quest to create wholesome, pro-God entertainment lost its direction and nearly killed a beloved franchise, and how it may actually be making a proper comeback.

Catch more Saberspark on his YouTube channel.

I watched a few episodes of that Larryboy spinoff and I didn’t think it was that bad but it was no Darkwing Duck. I didn’t watch a lot of Veggietales and I think I saw part of an episode of 1-2-3 Penguins (which honestly wasn’t very good) but that’s because I was rather old and while I have enjoyed some preschool shows (as readers know by now) this one didn’t work for me. However, it was nice to see a show that was at least favorable to God’s existence and wasn’t afraid to acknowledge Him in their stories even if it wasn’t a Bible story adaptation. Hopefully the creator is now back on track and the franchise can experience a resurrection of its own.

It just goes to show that you can’t force success or you’ll drive yourself insane. You do the best you can, get better, and the success you can handle at the time will come when it (or in this case He) wills it. Try to force success and you’ll most likely find failure or burnout. Something to think about.

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