If he isn’t still canon post-Flashpoint then it’s further proof of DC’s current failings.

Justice League Unlimited #39

DC Comics (January, 2008)

“Get A Clue”

WRITER: Sholly Fisch

PENCILER: Gordan Purcell

INKER: Al Nickerson

COLORING: Heroic Age


EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

When Gorilla City goes missing Detective Chimp calls the Flash for help but he figures detectives might be more helpful and asks Batman and Elongated Man to go instead. The villain responsible is Grodd but he’s hiding in plain site along with the city. Thanks to the third detective secretly joining them Grodd is defeated and the city restored.

What they got right: I do like the idea of the DC universe’s (or the comic misinterpretations of the DC animated universe’s) super-detectives gathering to solve a mystery. We get to see Elongated Man and Batman use their minds to solve the problem.

What they got wrong: The same problem I’ve been having with their Scooby-Doo run if you catch the Friday reviews. We don’t get to attempt to solve the mystery with the heroes. The first big clue is one we didn’t even get to see. Did the Johnny DC imprint people just not think kids were interested in solving mysteries before the characters?

Recommendation: I dodged as many spoilers as I could in the summary because this is a good story that I think you should check out. It would have been better as a proper mystery story but still good enough to look up.

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