Yeah, I wish the writers were nicer to these characters, too.

Justice League Unlimited #42

DC Comics (May, 2008)


WRITER: Keith Giffen

PENCILER: Christopher Jones

INKER: Dan Davis

COLORING: Heroic Age

LETTERER: Randy Gentile

EDITORS: Rachel Gluckstern & Steve Wacker

In order to “audition” for the Justice League, Blue Beetle talks Booster Gold into stopping a supervillain attack. When the Justice League (Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern) show up they decide to help but it causes the villains to get away. Only through one of Blue Beetle’s tracking bugs are they able to track them down and actually do help in the capture this time. While they’re obviously not getting in they may have potential, and Beetle comes up with another plan…kind of like Marvel’s Heroes For Hire.

What they got right: I wouldn’t mind seeing a Booster/Beetle “Heroes For Hire” type series. It might be fun with the right writer. Look, I know what Giffen was going for. He wanted to show that heroes aren’t about fame and fortune but risking their lives in service of others.

What they got wrong: It’s the characters chosen that’s all wrong. First off, usually in these stories it’s Booster with the “get rich quick” scheme and Ted, despite having his own company which is how he can afford to make all his Blue Beetle gear, gets dragged along with him. This story has that backwards. Booster doesn’t even seem to want to be here, and his noting that he wants to meet “chicks” (dumb thing to say in front of Wonder Woman) is the only part of his personality the writer got right. Speaking of which BOOSTER GOLD IS ALREADY IN THE JUSTICE LEAGUE! Presumably so is Blue Beetle since they were recruiting every superhero in the DC Universe right now to practically kidnapping Green Arrow in the first episode of Unlimited, but Booster was also shown to be a member in this comic series. One of my favorite episodes features him. There is no evidence that this takes place during the expansion of the League outside maybe the three heroes that showed up. Are they even trying to maintain continuity with themselves anymore, never mind the show this is supposed to be a tie-in to?

Recommendation: I’ll give him credit for trying as the story isn’t bad, it’s just a continuity mess. That’s why I can’t recommend this as there are better stories with the same theme, including ones with these characters.


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