Of course the final issue’s cover contains a spoiler for the story inside.

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 4 #13


“Requiem For Justice”

WRITERS/ARTISTS: John & Jason Waltrip

As the Inorganics battle the Robotech forces Edwards returns to his base to collect Minmei, determined to keep his prize against Rick Hunter. She fights back and threatens to kill him but he swears he’ll break her. Nicks and the pilot, revealed to be Lynn Kyle, try to rescue her but the arrival of Edwards’ top flunky leads to both of them being killed. Meanwhile on Spheris, Tesla is only able to control part of the Invid Troopers with the Brain (under the base commander’s control) controls the other half. The disk carrying the Sentinel team is hit and is sent plummeting to the planet.

What they got right: I may not like the never-resolved cliffhanger but at least it’s a bang. The battles are intense while the moment with the failed rescue works well enough.

What they got wrong: I don’t know what Macek intended but I have a lot of questions about Kyle’s reveal. How did he get aboard the REF ship? WHY did he go aboard the REF ship? If the comic followed what I do know was intended Minmei tagged along because she realized she still wasn’t over Rick even after he got married (unless I’ve heard wrong) so it’s not like he could have followed her. Did he really not trust the REF to properly make peace with the Robotech Masters? That does fit his character granted but it still seems odd. There’s also the question of how he learned to fly a prototype alpha fighter earlier in the series. It seems to just have him here because they felt simply not having him show up in the Masters saga meant he needed an explanation. He could have just not been part of events.

Of course the biggest got wrong is that as of this writing the comic has never been picked up by anyone. I was told years ago that Antarctic Press did try to get the Waltrips to continue the series during their Robotech license run (which is odd because it’s not like they seemed to care about any of the other stories in the Eternity/Academy run like the Malcontent Uprisings or the pre-Macross stories) but couldn’t come to a deal. It’s too bad as this is some of the best Robotech committed to comics and both WildStorm and the current rebooted Titan runs ignore this completely as Harmony Gold has decided it’s not canon despite being a continuation. I don’t know if the Sentinels novels are canon but unless there are huge contradictions it seems a mistake to ignore this series.

Recommendation: This is still my favorite non-show Robotech series and I very much recommend it. It has great writing under the Waltrips and the previous writers in the Eternity run, great black and white art by the Waltrips, who admittedly needed to work on their lettering skills when it comes to balloon placement, and it’s just really good Robotech.

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