Thankfully this issue doesn’t have those stupid things on his back. They never worked for me.

Amazing Spider-Man #529

Marvel (April, 2006)

“Mr. Parker Goes To Washington” part 1

WRITER: J. Michael Straczynski

PENCILER: Ron Garney

INKER: bill Reinhold

COLORIST: Matt Milla

LETTERER: Cory Petit



EDITOR: Axel Alonzo

At this point in Marvel history Peter, his WIFE Mary Jane, and Aunt May are living in Avengers Tower. So Tony decides to create a new Spider-Suit using advanced technology. Spider-Man gets a chance to test it during a highway chase, showing off the new gliding feature, advanced scanners and radio gear, and being bulletproof. However it’s not just a favor for his teammate. Tony trusts Peter enough to hire him as his new assistant, to watch his back as he’s about to make a fateful trip to Washington. You saw the masthead, you know what’s coming.

What they got right: Of course it’s going to be undone because marketing fears character growth while writers only want to write the version of the character they know so THEY can write their own growth ideas. However, I really like the suit, dubbed the “Iron Spider” by fans. As noted in the caption I don’t like those silly things on his back but all of this is a huge help to Spidey and may be the precursor to the high-tech suits seen in the MCU. It looks cool, works great with Spider-Man’s fighting style and abilities, and is a great advancement. I kind of wish they could bring it back; though I’d still prefer it in black to match the spider motif I have to admit the brighter colors could benefit his image, even if they’re more Iron Man’s colors than Spider-Man’s.

What they got wrong: Ignoring that it leads into the Civil War event, which I hate on concept, the first two panels are the same image but at least it works better here than in New Avengers, where it comes off as lazy rather than showing nobody’s moved since they were sleeping, followed by Tony’s summon. This isn’t a full suit of armor but a web mesh (nice touch) and I don’t know why the webbing under his arms, which is smaller than the ones his costume usually has when someone decides to draw it, can’t do anything similar since Peter’s usual costume is most likely lighter than the metal mesh. I’m not completely sold on the new spider symbol as it blends a bit too well. Minor nitpicks, except for where this story is going, and none are really critical. I just have questions.

Recommendation: This was a great reveal for the new suit and I think it was a good evolution for Peter. Too bad it was undone and Civil War happened. I’d recommend this issue but maybe not what follows. I think I picked up just for the suit reveal (apparently I have a second printing version) and it succeeds at that.

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