It’s amazing that Star Trek both created the holodeck and keeps proving why it’s a bad idea.

Star Trek: Voyager #3

Marvel/Paramount Comics (January, 1997)


WRITER: Laurie S. Sutton

PENCILER: Jesus Redondo

INKER: Sergio Melia

COLORIST: John Kausz

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

The Talaxians, working for a group of Trabe who still want to take over Voyager to get their revenge on the Kazon, attempt to take the ship. However, the crew only deals with minor setbacks as they foil each attempt. The Trabe show up to demand the crew’s surrender, but the experience in the storm has given the organic gel packs a form of fever and it’s causing problems throughout the ship. Thanks to their enemies mucking things up the crew have to cure the fever and send their foes packing.

What they got right: It’s not the Talaxians are inept (though with Neelix being the usual representative it’s easy to think that), it’s that the keep underestimating the crew, so I’m guessing the Trabe did as well. Apparently they don’t realize the “wonder ship” is only as good as her crew. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Doctor (the Emergency Medical Hologram, not the other one we usually talk about), or at least Robert Picardo, doing Beowolf under these circumstances.

What they got wrong: Maybe it’s me but I’ve never understood the organic systems being added to the ship. What advantage does it actually have again? At least this time the holodeck malfunctions are tied to the ship’s issues but it’s still a tired trope at this point in the franchise. The Talaxians do at least look foolish with all these failures even if it’s just underestimating the crew.

Recommendation: I didn’t hate the arc but I am reminded why I never got into this show. If you liked it this might be worth checking out.

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