It’s in better shape than my cover.

Supergirl Movie Special

DC Comics (1985)


ADAPTATION: Joey Cavalieri


LETTERER: John Costanza

EDITOR: Julius Schwartz

Argo City, the last remnant of Krypton, managed to survive thanks to some fast-thinking scientists and the powerful orbs known as Omegahedrons. One of the founding scientists, Zaltar, plans to leave the city stealing one of the Omegahedrons and heading to Earth, where they know of their own arrived and became Superman. Kara, cousin of Kal-El, accidentally loses the Omegahedron and takes Zaltar’s ship to retrieve it. On Earth Kara gains amazing new powers like her cousin, but the Omegahedron falls into the hands of Selena, apprentice sorceress who lets the power go to her head to pursue her dream of taking over the world despite the warnings of her mentor, Nigel. Nigel is also a teacher at the private academy Kara uses as her cover, under the name Linda Lee. (Kara, not Nigel.) Selena becomes enamored with a landscaper named Ethan and tries to use a love potion on him but it backfires when he falls for Linda while she’s out with Lucy, sister to Lois Lane and girlfriend of Jimmy Olsen, who comes to Midvale to visit. Selena tries to take Ethan back and sends Supergirl to the Phantom Zone and then takes over Midvale. In the Zone Supergirl is helped by Zaltar, imprisoned due to his theft, and returns to Earth in time to stop Selena and her assistant, saving both Midvale and Argo City.

What they got right: The artist does a good job capturing the likenesses of the actors. Personally I think the movie gets too much hate. It has its problems and I hope to do a more in-depth review of the movie in the future (possibly a BW Video Review if I can get a copy of the movie) but Selena isn’t as bad a villain as people say. She’s in over her head and as Nigel points out her overreaching ambition is her ultimate undoing. Movie Kara is a good person and takes a little time to learn her powers but she’s still new and isn’t unbeatable. We actually get to see the invisible monster in one sequence thanks to Supergirl’s X-Ray vision and not having a limited budget like the movie. Lucy helps make the connection to the other Salkind Superman movies as does Jimmy’s appearance.

What they got wrong: Too bad he doesn’t do much else, but really he’s barely in this series of movies anyhow. There are plotholes I need to go over in the in-depth review, like how Kara knows about Clark Kent (I can explain away Superman as an intergalactic champion or maybe they picked up stray signals from Earth or something). Our two Bulk and Skull wanna-bes work better in the movie than the limited time of the comic. There’s a scene with Linda at a computer and they just stuck in some stuff from packaging information for some product and called it her computer work. This last one I’m of two minds for really. Selena’s final monster isn’t the large looming nightmare beast it was in the movie, but the shadow form that leads to Selena’s “Mumm-Ra moment” kind of works better here as the embodiment of her overreaching ambition, calling back to Nigel’s lighter reflecting Selena’s corrupted soul.

Recommendation: On its own the story isn’t too bad, but as one of the few people who actually liked the movie your mileage may vary. If you haven’t seen it I do recommend at least giving it a fair chance. It’s not perfect but it’s not that awful either.

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