The Elders like to watch their citizens on their dates.

Robotech Masters #7

Comico The Comic Company (April, 1986)

“The Trap”


PENCILER: Neil D. Vokes

INKER: Keith Wilson

COLORIST: Tom Vincent

LETTERER: David Cody Weiss

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

The 15th enter the enemy ship and end up splitting off into three groups. Sean’s group sees little action while Angelo’s comes under attack. Dana, Bowie, and Louie, cut off from headquarters and the other groups, find where the clones are assembled like robots, but Bowie gets split off from the others. Following strange music he finds a beautiful girl playing an alien harp, but their bonding is shortened when guards come from him. The girl is hurt but when Bowie tries to follow to make sure she’s okay she runs as if nothing happened to her but is scared of Bowie. When he meets up with Dana and Louie, the trio find a civilian living area and learn the girl is a clone as they see both “sisters”. The three groups gather together and after escaping a trap straight out of of the compactor scene from Star Wars makes their escape, with a captured bioroid joining them.

What they got right: With a few exceptions most of the minor changes are due to the time constraints, like Angelo’s group doing some exploring prior to their coming under attack, or an attempt on Dana to see how the group fares without their leader backfiring and showing them the way out. This is the introduction of Musica and her sisters, who will play a part in their story and serves as the obligatory human/enemy alien romance for a Robotech story and it’s handled well. Music doesn’t translate well into a comic but the importance of Musica’s harp isn’t lost while knowing the limitations of soundless text and images.

What they got wrong: Bowie doesn’t ride with Dana when she goes into battloid mode, he’s riding with Louie. I’m not sure why they changed that. There’s an added bit of foreshadowing in the comic where one of the military guys mentioning wanting a complete bioroid fighter. While Dana still captures one without orders, which is treated as a bonus, it’s an unnecessarily added moment. I also wonder why Bowie assumes the girl is human when they already know they’re clones (which the comic says are all clones of Zor rather than the more accurate clones of the Robotech Masters as said in the episode). Besides, he’s acting like he’s never heard of twins or triplets.

Recommendation: While I still recommend the episode the comic is not a bad retelling and worth a look. If you have to choose, just get the show.

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