I mentioned in last week’s Clutter Report that I was worried about losing creativity this year. Notice there’s no Jake & Leon this week. The whole month’s been knocking me down, with the gas issue and having trouble sleeping or at least staying awake. While I’ve never been officially diagnosed with Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder I do tend to be in a bit of a down mood around this time of year. Add in so many moderns stories in my favorite genres (sci-fi and superheroes) over the years going for the darker tales and the crap that’s gone on since just after this time last year (including some family stuff I won’t get into here) and it’s no surprise to me that I’ve been watching episodes of Bluey just to find creativity, fun, bright colors, and the sounds of laughter. Hey, I was happy when Bumpy recovered, okay? No I didn’t cry. I’m not that far gone! So yes, I’m a 47 year old man with no kids who has a favorite Bluey episode. Don’t expect an apology.

I’d say there were times I wonder why you all read this but if you’re here this long you already know what to expect out of me, and it’s very strange. You’re doing it to yourselves and I’m glad you care. I’ll try to keep up for you until this all passes, but there’s a reason my nighttime posts have been so late the past few days.

Anyway, this month for Saturday Night Showcase I’m going to back off of the Japanese superheroes for a bit (though they’re the only superheroes allowed to be light and fun…and with Kamen Rider Faiz that’s saying something–I mean last night we were talking about cat people who shove dead bodies into trees with Agito) and do a bit of nostalgia. Official YouTube postings are giving us some of the shows I grew up with, that helped form how I approach my own storytelling, though I have also enjoyed stories that are occasionally dark. (As I was telling someone else just today in the Superman & Lois review comments my favorite movie is The NeverEnding Story and everyone except the Empress dies in Fantasia and have to be wished back–I just don’t praise it because it’s dark but it’s as dark as the story requires for Bastian’s character growth as he gets drawn into the story and learns to dream again despite the world around him slowly losing the ability.) I just need more light in my life to bring me back to life. Fixing my air mattress so I can get off of this thing might help too. Plus a good gas passing.

As for this week, the next chapter(s) of BattleTech: I Am Jade Falcon, I’m finally ready to give my first impressions of Power Rangers Dino Fury, and…other stuff. I’m not sure what’s coming or if it will be on time but I promise the best reviews and commentaries I can make or find. That’s just how we do things around here. If you pushed through my rambling this long have a good week. If you didn’t still have a good week. We could use a few more of those.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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