Chapter By Chapter features me reading one chapter of the selected book at the time and reviewing it as if I were reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.

Let’s see if I can get through this book already.

For those of you just joining us it’s not because I don’t like the book. I’m rather enjoying it. The act 2 chapters have all been really short so I’ve had to do bunch reviews like this one, but that’s not a major gripe either, though I have had chapters that should have been the same chapter because one scene takes three or four chapters to complete even at proper length. No, the problem is I’ve gotten too sick to write or even care about reviewing twice over the past two months. When you can’t keep your eyes open and have just enough energy to somewhat listen to the TV doing a book review in this format is rather difficult and at some point I should probably start reviewing a new book because not everyone’s a fan of this series. Granted the next one is another Star Trek novel so varying miles and all that.

As you can tell by the article title this time it’s two chapter we’ll be reviewing. One is really short while the next one is actually a normal chapter length, defined around here as being around 11 pages minimum. In case we all forgot our heroine found a bunch of barrels containing warriors whose names do not match the ones on the barrels. Joanna is here to find a spy and what she’s uncovered with her reluctant sidekick is a rather large cloning operation. What happens next? Let’s find out before I get sick again.

Chapter 26 seems to mostly be setting up chapter 27, which is kind of odd. Joanna is still looking through the barrels and observing the room when she spots Bailly. She and Karlac, who seems ready to have Joanna’s back so maybe some of her old warrior spirit is coming back (we’ll see), trap Bailly in an office and he reveals he’s really Mechwarrior Alvar of the Jade Falcon Watch. So either he’s lying or there are two spies for the Jade Falcons trying to find the Wolf spy in their ranks. He claims not to know what’s going on either, but Joanna isn’t buying it. It does seem odd. He pegs Joanna as a spy but are they both working for the same boss?

Most of chapter 27 is Joanna putting all the clues, including what one she and Diana know about Ravill, to decide that Clan Wolf is conducting experiments to combine Wolf and Falcon warrior remnants to create a new breed of warrior. As the conversation continues we learn Alvar is not from the Falcon Watch but a Wolf spy…but not for the reasons Joanna or even the Watch suspected. As he adds what he’s learned the science cast itself, possibly from both groups, have formed a rogue faction and they are behind the experiments, working against the desires of either Clan. You may have forgotten after all this time (the sick leaves haven’t helped that) but Ravill was rather scared of anyone finding out not only for himself but because he was scared of the scientists. He warned Joanna not to get on their bad side so this rogue group must really be up to some dirty deeds. So it’s not just one Clan but scientists of both Clans being behind this, as Alvar learned there were ships coming from both sides. I wonder if scientists from the remaining Clans (Steel Viper, Ghost Bear, Smoke Jaguar, and Nova Cat) are part of this or if it’s just eggheads from these two Clans working alone?

The scientists must have found the dead bodies because they’re in a panic now and one listening at the door try to attack the trio, but Karlac’s newfound spirit proves the better. Now the trio need to escape and warn their respective people. Joanna is sure she’ll escape because “I am Jade Falcon”, thus we have a title drop. How will they escape? Looking at the first page of the next chapter we aren’t going to find out, as the dating cuts to a few days later back at Falcon Watch HQ. I think the author skipped a chapter or maybe the editor did. The numbering is right though.

So if we aren’t going to learn how they escaped what is about to happen? Join us next time (hopefully next week) and we’ll find out.

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  1. […] Last time Joanna learned the terrible secret of what’s been going on here at the wonderfully named planet Dogg but we’ve been denied the great escape. Maybe it will show up in a flashback like Joanna and Ravill’s mech battle but I kind of doubt it. These next two chapters are interesting. Chapter 28 is really short, maybe four pages, while Chapter 29 is almost the designated chapter length of at least 11 pages for this review series. Next time I think it’s one full-length chapter. Are the short chapters behind us? We’ll see as the book continues on to 32 chapters and an epilogue, so we are near the end. Let’s see what happens next. […]


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