My favorite Spidey costume…when it isn’t the one trying to eat brains.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #23

Marvel Comics (October, 2007)

“Fighting Words”

WRITER: Peter David


INKER: Robert Campanella

COLORIST: John Kalisz

COVER ART: Todd Nauck & Rob Stull

LETTERER: Cory Petit


EDITOR: Stephen Wacker

When Peter learns Jameson fired Robbie for finally calling him out on his obsession with Spider-Man (just after Peter unmasked as part of Civil War), the webslinger gets Jonah to have a private meeting. There Spider-Man calls him out for his obsession as well, but mostly he wants Jameson to rehire Robbie. He also allows Jameson to finally get a few good punches in, hoping it will benefit J.J.’s attitude. Jameson does rehire Robbie.

What they got right: Considering events around this time a story where Jameson finally confronts Peter/Spider-Man is one that kind of had to be told. The art is good and we do get a bit of a look into both characters’ perspective on their “relationship”, such as it is.

What they got wrong: And yet it somehow feels…incomplete. This doesn’t feel like anything was really resolved between the two, and though we see that softer side of J. Jonah Jameson we rarely get to it just felt like there was more conversation to be had. I mean, the story is no longer in continuity thanks to One More Day, so feel free to finally bury a few hatchets. The running gag at the beginning really doesn’t work while the door gag fares a bit better. The final gag…not a fan.

Recommendation: I want this to be a must-own story for fans who find the dynamic between these two characters interesting but in the end it just doesn’t explore that enough to warrant a lot of time and energy to track down. Still, not a bad story if it ends up in your collection. I just wanted more.


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