Never has there been such a lie since World War 1 was called “the war to end all wars”.

Final Crisis #1

DC Comics (July, 2008)

“D.O.A.: The Art Of War!”

WRITER: Grant Morrison

ARTIST: J.G. Jones

COLORIST: Alex Sinclair



EDITOR: Eddie Berganza

So many things happen I’m going to put them all together as they connect, not as they’re shown. First we have a caveman being shown fire by Metron, who uses it to protect his people. That same caveman later sees the damaged Statue Of Liberty appear and Kamandi asking for a weapon Metron gave him. In the present day Dan Turpin gets a brief assist from the current Question (Renee Montoya) in his investigation of six missing supergenius children. It leads him to the body of Orion, but Question’s information leads him to the Dark Side club. There he witnesses the children affected by the anti-life equation, or so Mr. Dark Side claims. And yes, this ties into Orion’s murder as…let’s just call him what he is since the others kept their names intact…Darkseid tells him there was a war in heaven and they won. As the Justice League and Green Lantern Corps looks into Orion’s murder Libra is trying to unite the supervillains into an army against the superheroes, murdering J’onn in front of them while Dr. Light and Mirror Master defeat other superheroes to obtain Metron’s chair. And if all that wasn’t enough story for you a Monitor is sentenced to life as a human after losing his monitored dimension, which doesn’t sit well with his girlfriend but one of the other Monitors tries to tell her to forget about him.

The biggest problem with this story should be obvious: TOO MANY PLOTS! Simon Furman wishes he could shove this many plots into one story and this is a seven issue miniseries. We have the investigation into Metron’s death, the missing kids, and Darkseid breaking out his beloved anti-life equation while he and his fellow evil gods take over human bodies. The Justice League barely factors into this and the Green Lanterns only slightly more. These plots go together as does the hunt for Metron’s chair. That’s all well and good. But then you have the caveman and Kamandi and Libra trying to unite the villains (because evilness knows THAT plan has never ended in abject failure time and time again) and it’s a pain to follow all of these at one time.

The art is quite good. That’s all the compliment I can give. I really have no interest in this example of Eventitis that has already killed off a bunch of heroes and doesn’t seem the slightest bit fun. Just watch Linkara’s review instead.

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