So many stories, so few pages.

Kaboom! Summer Blast Free Comic Book Day Edition

Boom Studios/Kaboom (May, 2014)

DESIGNER: Hannah Nance Partlow

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Chris Rosa, Alex Galer, & Whitney Leopard

This time we have eight stories, which makes me wonder going in if I’ll spend more time writing the credits than I will reading the stories. At least the editors listed at the top of the page means less credits I have to write below.

Herobear & The Kid: “Saving Time”


It’s just the first few pages of Herobear And The Kid: Saving Time #1. The bad guys plan to lose the next fight as part of Von Klon’s latest evil scheme, then cut to Henry and his friend Elmo playing a video game together when Henry’s watch starts beeping. Elmo leave, Henry grabs his secret superhero teddy polar bear, and heads to their secret base. I guess it could make the reader curious about the comic since does show Herobear in action and their ties to Santa Claus but you might as well get the actual comic.

Adventure Time: “Sphagnum Shmagnum”

CREATOR: Pendleton Ward | WRITER/ARTIST: James The Staton

A portion of a story in issue #26 of Adventure Time featuring Jake and Finn visiting a bog. The part we get does work on its own as a short story.

Steven Universe

CREATOR: Rebecca Sugar | PENCILER: Lamar Abrams | INKER: Danny Hynes | COLORIST/LETTERER: Jeremy Sorese

A shapeshifter gets into Steven’s comic collection and the Gems have to destroy them all to find it. Steven is sad so the trio make a comic of their own for them. This is why the show has the fanbase it does. There’s action but also heartwarming moments. I’m not  a fan of the series myself but this was a nice little story.

The Amazing World Of Gumball: “The Pants”

CREATOR: Ben Bocquelet | WRITER: Frank Gibson | ARTIST: Tyson Heese

Gumball decides to give Darwin pants, but due to Darwin’s design…I mean body he can’t wear them. Attempts fail, Darwin learns it’s okay since he still gets to wear shows, and now Gumball wants shoes. It’s a story that only works in a world like this. It’s not my style of humor but it’s not a bad story.

Uncle Grandpa

CREATOR: Peter Browngardt | WRITER/ARTIST: Zac Gorman

On the upside the title character isn’t in this one. (Well, I think it’s an upside.) Unfortunately (again, to me) the story reminds me why I don’t watch the show. Pizza Steve goes to the doctor and thinks he has “Coolitis”, which means he’ll be cool forever, but he actually has high-cholesterol. I’m really not seeing the humor, even in the montage of Steve doing cool things. Like the show itself, this doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Regular Show: “D-20 Disaster”


Rigby finds guys in the park with magic dice and he “borrows” one. He and Mordecai (that’s the bird guy I didn’t know the name of last week) fight over it and a dragon is released, so Skips uses a regular six-sided die to do a saving thrown and save the day. So that happened. It’s a reprint story from Regular Show #9 and the last reprint from another Kaboom! comic.

Peanuts: classic strip and “How To Be A World-Famous Artist”

CREATOR: Charles Schultz | WRITER/PENCILER: Vicki Scott | COLORIST: Justin Thompson & Art Roche (classic Sunday strip); Lisa Moore | LETTERER: Alexis E. Fajardo

Although this one does end with a classic Peanuts strip where Linus tries to find reading material to go along with an afternoon cereal snack…and learns why he should have done that BEFORE pouring the milk. Before this we watch “world famous writer” Snoopy in an original story struggling with writer’s block and annoying his typist Woodstock. It’s a cute little story

Garfield: “The Record Breaker”

CREATOR: Jim Davis | WRITER: Mark Evanier | ARTIST: Genevieve FT | LETTERER: Steve Wands

Before I even start reading…what is with the art? In every other Garfield comic I’ve read they try to match the art style of the strip and the Garfield & Friends cartoon Evanier wrote for and continues to write in the style of. This just makes the comic look weird because it looks wrong. A world records show on TV names their record holder for cutest kitten, and when it isn’t Nermal the kitty goes down to the TV station to correct the oversight…because of course it’s a live show. Garfield follows and eats up the buffet, so he gets an award for fattest cat. I guess the story works but the art really does take away when I’m so used to this company getting that right, even on the cover of this anthology.

Overall, there are some good stories but unless you’re a die-hard fan of any of these properties or just want the full Free Comic Book Day library this really isn’t a comic you have to work to track down.

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