“You’re stepping on my petunias!”

Justice League Task Force #1

DC Comics (June, 1993; as posted to comiXology)

“The Tyranny Gun” part 1

WRITER: David Michelinie

PENCILER: Sal Velluto

INKER: Jeff Albrecht

COLORIST: Glenn Whitmore

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha


EDITOR: Brian Augustyn

Count Glass and his cyber-thug Blitz are in a South American country supposedly helping a group of freedom fighters overthrow a tyrannical government, but he has his own agenda. This also affects the plans of agent Hannibal Martin, who was hoping for a position in the French embassy but must instead acquire the services of certain Justice League member to unfortunately aid the regime since they’re a US ally. (I’m guessing Glass’s deadly energy cannon powered by a space rock would make that less distasteful if they knew about it.) Hannibal brings in the Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and The Flash, while J’onn recruits Gypsy. Martin also tried to get Batman but ends up with Nightwing. Thus a new Justice League sub-team is born. Too bad they’re going to hate their mission.

What they got right: While I’m not convinced all these Justice League sub-teams the 90s had were a good idea, I am curious how this particular group will operate. I’ve always considered Robin/Nightwing a Justice League member, but I grew up with Superfriends, in which he was. The plot isn’t too bad and the art is decent by 90s standards. The freedom fighters are clearly being duped while the regime, US ally or not, is indeed evil, so I’m curious how the League will sort this out.

What they got wrong: I understand changing Gypsy’s look given the time period but I’m not a fan of her new outfit. (Also, her skin color is a bit weird in her first scene and I’m not keen on heroes using their powers to basically steal an outfit.) Still, I’ll take it over what Power Girl is wearing in this story. Not much would really happen in this story if we didn’t get to see J’onn taking down a group of terrorists at the beginning of the comic or Justice League Europe fighting a monster in the sewers later on, though I do understand taking time to properly bring the team in and at least we got some action, even if it doesn’t tie to the main threat directly.

What I think overall: I’ve decided to rename this part of the review since I don’t always write it as a recommendation, plus it follows the theme of the other two categories. Let me know what you think? Anyway, the story is a slow start but I like the set-up. I don’t have access to the conclusion but I would like to see how the story ends.

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