“Away team in peril!” So it’s a Saturday.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #8

Marvel/Paramount Comics (June, 1997)

“Public Enemy, Private Lives”

WRITER: Mariano

PENCILER: Tom Grindberg

INKER: Bob Almond


LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

EDITOR: Tim Touhy

Jake joins O’Brien, Keiko, and Kira on a visit to a jungle planet. Unfortunately they stumble upon a splinter band of Maquis trying to get contraband weapons from dealers who turn out to be Romulans trying to start trouble between the Maquis and the Federation. Kira manages to get a distress call out, and Sisko comes running in the Defiant. As the away team works on their own escape, a Maquis ship meets with Sisko’s to come to help deal with their rouge band, and Sisko’s old friend Cal Hudson joins in on Sisko’s plan.

What they got right: “Benjamin, that will take us directly through the heart of the Badlands, Maquis territory!” “If the Maquis know what’s good for them, they’ll stay out of my way!” Classic Sisko. If I still did “Best Scene Of The Week”, that would be it. They also appear to be setting a father/son example with Jake and Ben versus the Romulan smuggler Narak and his father Tomalak. (Yes, the one from the series.)

What they got wrong: Some of the word balloon placement on a few pages made it difficult to follow when the next person was speaking.

What I thought overall: The story is off to a good start. I just hope it ends well too. We’ll find out next issue.

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