Coming soon: Avenger Kids. (considering Disney Jr has a show regressing Spider-Man and friends into kids like they were the PJ Masks, don’t discount that)

Free Comic Book Day 2015 (Avengers)

Can we stop writing “#1” when you know there isn’t going to be a #2?

Marvel Comics (June, 2015)

All-New, All-Different Avengers

WRITER: Mark Waid

ARTIST: Mahmud Asrar

COLORIST: Frank Martin

LETTERER: Joe Sabino

COVER ART: Jerome Opeña & Frank Martin


EDITORS: Tom Brevoort & Wil Moss

I know it’s the back cover and not a flip book, but if they want to count it…

The Uncanny Inhumans

WRITER: Charles Soule

ARTIST: Brandon Peterson

COLORIST: Justin Ponsor

COVER ART (BACK): Nick Bradshaw & Richard Isanove

LETTERER: Clayton Cowles


EDITOR: Nick Lowe

The Avengers story features some of the younger Avengers of the time–the new Nova, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Miles–and the other replacement Avengers–Lady Thor and Captain Falcon–joining Iron Man (I think that’s still Tony Stark in there) in investigating an attack on the Federal Bank. While the adults handle a dragon the teens are sent in deal with the villain, who turns out to be Radioactive Man, and not the one Bart Simpson likes. The kids are unable to stop him from teleporting away because first priority was saving the lone survivor–which Cap approves. There’s some banter about the Avengers name and then another teleport is picked up, so the Avengers go to investigate.

This wasn’t that bad a story. If you’re going to do the diversity replacements because you have no faith in your characters to find an audience otherwise or you’re too lazy to come up with a new name, at least make them interesting. Seeing the teens react to the dead bodies, the others tackling a dragon, each having a personality beyond their race or gender…it’s nice to see that Mark Waid can still tell a decent superhero story when he actually tries.

After a poorly placed ad that made me think the second story was tied to the upteenth “Secret Wars” story (we’re up to like four now, and that’s counting the only one with a number two in the title) it’s actually an Inhumans story. This is back when Fox wasn’t owned by Disney and still had the X-Men movie license, though the franchise was steadily going downhill that point, including rehashing the third movie into something that from what I’ve heard might have been worse. So Disney made Marvel tone down the X-Men and attempt to put the Inhumans into their theme of rejection out of fear or hate. It didn’t work for the fans, who knew what they were doing.

The Terrigen mist moves through Mumbai, India during the premiere of a new movie. The lead actor is turned into a tree person and isn’t happy about it due to his backstory. He would have hurt someone if another infected (that’s what I’m calling it) didn’t gain powers and was more willing to protect the crowd. Hydra comes in trying to take them both but the regular Inhumans come to rescue the “Nuhumans”, joined by the Human Torch, who apparently is now dating Medusa.

The problems here just stem from what was happening to the Inhumans at the time, though I though people turned into an egg or something before emerging with their powers. I must not be up on everything here. The art isn’t exactly in the painted style because there is actually something resembling lineart but that’s what the coloring makes me think of and it’s all dark color choices. It may be nighttime but the area is brightly lit for the movie premiere. I didn’t really get into this one.

It’s followed by a two-page preview for the comic adaptation of the Maximum Ride novel series. I hear the comic wasn’t that great, but I’ve only heard one or two people even mention it, and that’s still more talk than I’ve heard about the novels, which I’m actually curious about.

Overall it’s not a must-own but it’s up for free at comiXology. it’s not a bad read.

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