I grew up in the 1980s so of course I was there for Pac-Man Fever. I was even there for the song “Pac-Man Fever“…which I just found out right now that they made a remix in 2015. I live in a weird time.

Pac-Man and the various games that followed turned one game intended to be enjoyed by everybody male or female into a big franchise. There was a cartoon, bed sheets, toys, books, and many, many, many home ports. However, only one sequel game caught the same fire as the original, and that was Ms. Pac-Man, featuring Pac-Man’s wife that I always in my head name Pepper though that might have just been Pac-Man’s pet name for her in the cartoon, I don’t remember. Pepper’s history is interesting in that she wasn’t created by Namco or Bally Midway but still ended up on all the merchandise her husband did…though appearing in video games would actually COST Namco (and now Bandai Namco) money.

I wasn’t sure what to write about tonight until I saw this video from 2020 by YouTuber Jonii discussing the history of Ms. Pac-Man and her replacements as Pac-Man’s lady friend. I found this interesting enough to share with you. Enjoy, but there is swearing for those of you who come here to avoid that. I can’t control someone else’s video after all.

Catch more from Jonii on YouTube

My question is…what happened to Sue? They made Pinky a girl instead though I always knew her as a boy growing up. Sue was also the competent one of the quintet in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon while Pinky, who also went by Speedy in the original game, was male, had a deep voice, and was kind of a lunkhead who could inflate himself into different shapes for some reason. Yes, HB gave the ghosts extra talents. Well, Pinky and Inky anyway, the ghost also known as Shadow was a total dope who carried all sorts of stuff in his ghost suit like he was from Gallifrey. Making the pink ghost a girl seems a bit like stereotyping.

Sue was purple, though she started out as orange and replaced Clyde until adopting her colors from the cartoon. While also from the Ms. Pac-Man game I’m not sure how she fits into the licensing arrangement with G.C.C., or I guess At Games now, though as of this writing the Pac-Man fan wiki doesn’t mention this deal. Sue’s last appearance was in 2015’s Pac-Man 256 apparently while Ms. Pac-Man last appeared in 2018’s Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and last used her own name in a Pac-game in 2006’s Pac-Man World Rally, again according to the wiki. So what happened to Sue?

As far as girl Pinky having a crush on Pac-Man in Pac-Man & The Ghostly Adventures, this version says that the ghosts were formerly Pac-People who were stripped of their bodies as punishment for following Betrayus in attempting to take over the Pac-World. That’s surprisingly dark for such a light show. Anyway, since Pinky and the other Ghost Gang (again, the Pac-Man Picture Album called them the “Ghost Quartet” so now that Sue’s gone that’s what they are to my brain) members are..dead?..Pac-Worlders it’s not that weird that she has a crush on the Pacster. Oh, it gets darker by the way. Pac-Man is the last of the yellow colored Pac-Worlders, who can both eat ghosts and get superpowers from eating special berries, but they were all killed off save for him, including his parents. And apparently it was a work-for-hire job by a space alien, though the Pacniator is another Pac-Worlder. Wow, the more I read about this show (I have seen part of the Pacniator episode and a few other full episodes but it didn’t really work as well for me) the darker it gets. Let’s stop now.

Personally, if the At Games thing really did happen they’re jerks but I guess that’s how they roll anyway. I do wonder why G.C.C. sold them the rights without offering them to Bandai Namco instead. That seems like a putz move on their part as well. Will Ms. Pac-Man/Pac-Girl/Pac-Man-Girl ever make her return or will we just get Pac-Mary stateside eventually? Only time will tell.

Honestly, genocide, ghosts wanting to hook up with the living, people being stripped of their bodies as punishment…what is wrong with show? To quote Ron Stoppable, that’s just sick and wrong.


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