“Watch where you swing that thing.”

Free Comic Book Day 2011 (Thor: The Mighty Avenger)

Marvel Comics (2011)

“Once And Future Avengers!”

WRITER: Roger Langridge

ARTIST: Chris Samnee

COLORIST: Matthew Wilson

LETTERER: Rus Wooton

EDITORS: Sana Amanat & MIchael Horwitz

Loki has ended up in the days of King Arthur, where he has captured Merlin and seeks the Holy Grail currently being brought home by Arthur. Merlin uses his magic to bring a hero to their time to stop him and ends up with both Thor in present day and Captain America in World War II. Together the heroes defeat Loki, who underestimates Merlin’s true power and is punished for his crimes. Merlin sends the two heroes back to their own time but they’ll meet again someday.

What they got right: It is neat seeing a version of Thor and Steve Rogers from before the forming of the Avengers team-up. And Langridge avoids the usual “hero fights each other first” that is typical of Marvel team-up stories. The art style is different and I rather like it.

What they got wrong: I don’t know if this is supposed to be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or just takes ideas from it. Jane works in a museum instead of being a nurse while Captain America has the same costume he had in Captain America: The First Avenger or the Ultimate Universe but without the round shield, instead using the flag shield made out of a kite shield. I don’t really know what continuity the main series, Thor: The Mighty Avenger takes place in as I’m not a regular Thor reader or viewer in any continuity.

What did I think overall: I wish more Marvel first team-up stories ran like this. Overall it’s a really good story and I think it was collected in one of the trades set in this continuity. If the series is this good and you like Thor this is worth looking into.

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