“Lancer, stop messing with the ‘as seen on TV’ logo.”

Robotech: The New Generation #4

Comico The Comic Company (December, 1985)



PENCILER: Dave Johnson

INKER: tom Poston

COLORIST: Kurt Mausert

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

With Lancer waiting for them, the rest of our group go hunting for supplies but are attacked by the Invid. During their various escape attempts Rand realizes that the Invid are able to track them whenever they activate their mecha and weapons. While trying to deal with the forest (where Rand is an expert) and in-fighting between Rand and Rook, the group is found again by their enemy while defending themselves against a bear. Lancer finds them and gets Scott to the Alpha fighter so they’re able to take out their opponents and get a bit of rest before moving on.

What they got right: Rand really gets to show off in this one, so if you’re a Rand fan I have good news. Rand knows how to deal with leeches, fish (though one of the Invid patrols interrupts his first attempt), and is the one who realizes activating their weapons is what draws the Invid, since they survive off of the protoculture power source.

What they got wrong: Why would Scott be scared by a spider who just happens to fall on his gun in the middle of a battle? And where it come from, the same place Spider-Man shoots his webs when he isn’t close enough to a building? And yet Scott knows how to swim despite not knowing what rain was, and thanks to the limited panel space Rand doesn’t have to tell him not to just yank the leeches off.

What did they change: Outside of minor cultural and personality changes to the dialog very little from Mospeada to Robotech. The comic does have to push it into a more limited space so you end up with Scott saying some of Rand’s lines and dropping the line from Rook that annoys Scott as she claims she’s not officially part of the group. Thankfully the US version does move Rook’s fear because she’s from the city, not because she’s a girl. In the comic Lunk (who we’re told is a nick name, using his Japanese counterpart Jim as his real first name which wasn’t in the show) is worried about his jeep rather than the supplies, and the US version of the show also mentions protoculture supplies and not just the lost food.

What did I think overall: The beats are there but the comic really has to condense. Try and see the episode if you can but if you just want the timeline neatly in your comic library this works fine.

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