“Don’t worry, Kimberly. We’ll find another publisher.”

Space Ace #3 [almost the final issue]

CrossGen Publishing and MV Creations (November, 2003)

WRITER: Robert Kirkman

ARTISTS: E.K. Miyaura & Cid Norbert

COLORIST: Jeremy Roberts

LETTERING: Lithium Pro

Our heroes barely escape their death trap in part due to Ace’s transformations. They also have to deal with a band of space pirates and steal their ship to go after Borf and Gorf. The brothers meanwhile are waylaid when they stop for supplies and deal with a group who are also after the Synchonously Dividing Matter Divider. Now the villains head for Zandoria and the heroes head after the villains.

What they got right: Nice bit of Homestar Runner reference in there. Yes, I caught it. If you like fights this comic has them.

What they got wrong: It feels like a bit of padding though, and given how few panels an early 2000s comic had at the time that would have been a terrible way to end the comic on.

Other notes: As mentioned before, CrossGen closed down after this issue came out. The book might have disappeared if MV Creations hadn’t partnered with Arcana to reprint these three issues I’ve already reviews and the three issues I looked at when they first came out in the early days of this site. Since that was a long time ago and my review format has changed since then I’ll still be doing brand new reviews of the other three.

What I think overall: Like I said, this felt like padding out for a six issue miniseries. I can see the fight to get Ace and Kimberly off of the junk planet with their ship damaged but the fight at the station wasn’t as good as it could have been and just seemed to happen to delay the villains. It’s a weak point in the miniseries, but luckily this wasn’t how it ended.

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  1. The art is REALLY giving me vibes of “sci-fi Dragon’s Lair” – does this have some relation to that old game?


    • Between the first and second Dragon’s Lair games Don Bluth made the Space Ace game. MV Creations also made a Dragon’s Lair comic with CrossGen that also had to be finished by Arcana but not being as into fantasy I didn’t follow that miniseries.

      Fun fact: Dragon’s Lair had it’s own Saturday morning cartoon on ABC by Hanna-Barbera while Space Ace was one of a series of shows on CBS’s Saturday Supercade, made by Ruby-Spears. Both translated Bluth’s art style into their own well enough, though obviously the game animation was better.


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