“I don’t care what that arachnid guy did, I’m NOT giving up my hot redhead wife!”

Space Ace #5

Arcana Comics (2009)

PLOT: Robert Kirkman & Ryan Foley

SCRIPT: Ryan Foley

ARTIST: Maria Cristina Francisco

COLORS: Arcana Studio

LETTERER: Shawn Depasquale

This is a repost of the original review from when this comic came out, with some additional thoughts and an expanded summary. As with the usual “Yesterday’s” Comic it’s a bit more spoilery than the old review.

Ace and Kimberly arrive at Zandoria, and attempt to warn both sides about Borf and Gorf’s true intentions. With both groups on their side they come up with a plan to trick the brothers into thinking they’re fighting, part of their plan to steal the Matter Divider. However, Borf sees through the deception and they steal the device anyway, leading to the final confrontation with our heroes.

What they got right: Pretty much everything they’ve gotten right thus far. Kirkman has become famous for somewhat more bloody battles (mostly thanks to his Image comics, Invincible and Astounding Wolf-Man), but the battle here is nothing of the kind. The art resembles the game, but the artist has put some of her own style to it without losing the feel. In additional thoughts, it’s nice to see the two sides willing to listen to reason as Kimberly tries to warn them about the brothers’ plans.

What they got wrong: There is one scene with a reporter who has a more natural skin color (in other words, one that actually exists). In the original MVCreations comics this was the case, but at least in the Arcana comics I’ve picked up (starting with issue 4, having already gotten the first three issues under the previous publisher) the Zandorians have been given blue skin. Adding to that in the modern review, I still wonder if this was something they changed in Arcana or if they actually changed the color for the next three issues back when it was still a Crossgen publication. Meanwhile, I’m still curious what Gorf needed Borf for when this is the only contribution he’s made to the whole plan.

Recommendation: New thoughts: Next issue is the last issue and I’m glad they were finally able to get these out. The story has been fun, and given how little they had to work with if they ignore the Saturday Supercade episodes the result is worth it.

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