Corg’s taking the “crab” insult towards the Invid a bit too literal.

Robotech: Escape

Antarctic Press (May, 1998)

WRITER: Aslum Khan

PENCILER: Jean-Sebastien Duberger

INKER: Pierre-André Déry


Downed during a battle in Denver, the unconscious Corg (I guess the hole in my collection ends with Corg and Sera already introduced or I put it in the wrong spot) is found by a group running a secret protoculture trading post. Feigning amnesia, Corg is taken in by the group while one of them develops a crush on him. In the end, Corg comes to understand a bit about why the Regis is going with the new human forms for her evolved Invid, but still hates humans and kills most of the group, oddly leaving the girl who was crushing on him alive even after assassinating others of her group, including her father.

What they got right: This can’t be a redemption for Corg. His whole character was an obsession with killing the humans, possibly a side effect of this evolution the Regis didn’t plan on. So instead he doesn’t. While there is some hint that he spared Angel out of some draw to her for the most part of course he was going to betray them. It’s an interesting take on the “being taken in by the enemy” plotline.

What they got wrong: This is entirely personal mind you, but that’s not really the kind of story that interests me. Critically I think it’s a good idea but personally I’m not into it. However, on the critic end I will say that the artwork just isn’t that good. Corg and I think Keith look too much alike. He doesn’t seem to have been here long enough for Angel to fall in love with him (which is why I called it a crush in the summary), though one bit of dialog suggests either he got to know Angel…personally…or that he did some physical labor for them before he betrayed them.

What I think overall: The story and 90s artwork isn’t for me personally but it isn’t a bad story and a twist on an old plotline that would have to be there to be in line with the show.

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